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Are you in the business of creating QR Codes? Do you love making different kinds of marketing content? Did you know that you can monetize your subscription to the QR Code generator through affiliate marketing? If you’re interested, welcome to the QR Cloud affiliate program!

If you haven’t heard of affiliate programs before, you’re probably living under a rock! Today, thousands of businesses, celebrities, social influencers, and individuals are earning commissions for directing traffic or sales to a company by leveraging their existing following. QR Cloud’s affiliate program is the newest feature that allows you to earn commissions while also enjoying the benefits of this marketing suite.

In this article, we will show you how you can start monetizing your subscription using affiliate marketing. Get to know how you make the most out of your QR Cloud subscription in this blog.

What is an Affiliate Program?

Simply put, an affiliate program is a legitimate income source where an affiliate marketer (also called publisher) earns a commission from sales of another merchant’s products or services.

Benefits of Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing offers many benefits for both the vendor and the publisher. For one, customers tend to trust statements made by affiliates over those made by companies themselves since they are often not viewed as part of the company, therefore, less biased in their judgments. Some affiliates, such as celebrities and social media influencers, also already have built a following who trust them enough to buy products or services they endorse.

Another reason affiliate marketing works is that affiliates tend to know their demographic and the preferences of their audience. As such, they can create marketing campaigns that are specific to their target audience compared to traditional general strategies.

On the side of the affiliate marketers, the program doesn’t require them to work full-time for the vendor. They can do their campaigns in their spare time, or just occasionally. Usually, the vendor and the publisher have no specific agreement on how much content should be made about the products or services endorsed. In addition, being an affiliate marketer does not require any educational background or work experience, so, anyone can potentially enter the field.

In terms of investment, the money paid to an affiliate marketer comes directly from sales they themselves have generated.

How To Become an Affiliate Marketer

Becoming an affiliate marketer is based on individual merchants’ or vendors’ rules. Some require a proof of your following, subscribers, or readers to be eligible as an affiliate. Some merchants require users to purchase a minimum amount before becoming part of its pool of affiliate marketers. In some instances, a prospective affiliate need only subscribe to the same service in order to become part of the program.

How To Earn with Affiliate Marketing

The seller provides each affiliate with a unique code or link to use when promoting or selling the products or services. The affiliate earns a commission when someone clicks the link, signs up, or makes a purchase before the expiration period. The affiliate can use this code or link to earn until it expires, which can happen if there are not enough sales or traffic until a specified period, if the company decides to terminate the partnership, or for any other reason.

Affiliates usually market the products and services by blogging, posting on social media, influencer marketing like videos and reels, pay-per-click, and paid ads, among others. The affiliate earns a portion every time someone performs the call-to-action (CTA) using their unique link.

There are also vendors that pay a monthly retainer to their affiliates.

Is Affiliate Marketing a Legitimate Way to Earn Money?

Yes. Many are already earning a decent income through affiliate marketing. But it is neither passive income nor easy money. In contrast, as a business, it requires an affiliate marketer to find a profitable niche, like what they are doing, keep learning, and develop a good network to make it sustainable.

Note that in some countries like the United States, individuals and businesses are required by law to disclose whether they are getting paid or earning commissions from promoting the products or services of other companies. Check with your own country any regulations regarding affiliate marketing to be on the safe side.

How Does the QR Cloud Affiliate Program Work?

QR Cloud is a versatile, easy-to-use, and affordable QR Code Marketing Suite that allows you to make static and dynamic QR Codes, dynamic links, custom URLs and mobile-optimized landing pages.

Its affiliate program allows users and Webmasters to earn commissions from every paying customer who signs up via their referral link. As an affiliate, you earn a 20% commission on all payments made using your code. You can withdraw your commission once you reach 50 USD.

Get Started as a QR Cloud Affiliate!

If you’re interested in becoming an affiliate of QR Cloud, all you need to do is sign up to any one of our plans. Signing up for an account automatically qualifies you to earn for every person who signs up to a paid plan using your referral code.

Here’s how you can start earning commissions from QR Cloud:

  1. Sign up to any of QR Cloud’s plans.
  2. Log in to your account.
  3. To find your referral link, click your account menu and look for referrals.
  4. Copy your referral link.
  5. Use it in your blog and social media posts, videos, and however you want to start earning.

QR Cloud Plans

QR Cloud has three (3) subscription plans to choose from for you to start earning. These are Basic, Pro, and Expert.

The Basic Plan is QR Cloud’s free plan. It doesn’t allow you to do much, enabling you to save just one static QR Code. But it gives you a free 7-day trial to the Pro Plan as a preview to what your subscription allows you to do.

The Pro Plan (4.99/month, billed annually) allows you to save up to 50 fully customizable and editable QR Codes with 365 days of data analytics. You also have access to other features, such as QR Pages, dynamic links, and custom domains.

Finally, the Expert Plan (9.99/month, billed annually) saves up to 250 QR Codes, along with all the inclusions of the Pro Plan and much more. You can even create up to three teams for easy collaboration for your QR Code project.

What’s more? Joining QR Cloud with the Basic, Pro, or Expert Plan automatically includes you in the affiliate program!

Whether you are a newbie in affiliate marketing or already an established name in the field, the QR Cloud affiliate program is a great opportunity for you to earn while also reaping the benefits of the QR Code generator. Sign up with QR Cloud to start being our marketing partner.