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Key Features

QR Code Generator

Generate great-looking QR codes with embedded logos, unique designs and customized colors. Afterwards, you can download them as high-resolution graphic files.

Dynamic QR Links

Edit you links even after you printed your QR code. Redirect users based on OS, device, country, time or click amount.

QR Code Analytics

Analyze the success of your QR code marketing campaigns and run a/b rotations to compare conversion rates.

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incl. 7 day Pro trial

  • Unlimited Scans
  • 13 QR Code Types
  • Save 3 QR Codes
  • 3 Dynamic Links
  • 0 Projects
  • 3 QR Pages
  • 0 Pixel
  • 0 Custom Domains
  • 0 Teams
  • Access to 1 Day of Statistics
  • Dynamic Link Redirects
  • No API Access



per month, billed annually

  • Unlimited Scans
  • 13 QR Code Types
  • Save 50 QR Codes
  • 5 Dynamic Links
  • 5 Projects
  • 5 QR Pages
  • 5 Pixel
  • 0 Custom Domains
  • 0 Teams
  • Access to 365 Days of Statistics
  • Dynamic Link Redirects
  • No API Access



per month, billed annually

  • Unlimited Scans
  • 13 QR Code Types
  • Save 250 QR Codes
  • 250 Dynamic Links
  • 150 Projects
  • 150 QR Pages
  • 150 Pixel
  • 1 Custom Domain
  • 3 Teams
  • Unlimited Access to Statistics
  • Dynamic Link Redirects
  • API Access

Dynamic Redirects and Analytics for QR Codes

With QR Cloud, you have all the tools you need to run successful QR marketing campaigns, from device-, location- and language-based redirects and tracking, to mobile-optimized QR pages and dynamic vCards.

Mobile optimized QR Pages

QR Pages are fully mobile-optimized landing pages for your QR code campaign or Social Media bio link. Thanks to our intuitive modular system, you can simply drag and drop the elements you need to your QR Page and therefore create a customized experience

Limitless Possibilities

With QR Pages, you can create a digital menu for your restaurant, a dynamic business card or a smart doorbell. Use pre-defined modular elements and custom code for full customization.

QR Cloud’s QR Code Generator lets you create QR codes with logos, trackable URLs, WhatsApp, email and phone links or dynamic vCards. With our mobile-optimized QR Pages, you can create unique experiences behind your QR code and collect data from your users for upcoming QR code campaigns. Our team feature makes collaboration on a project or campaign incredibly easy.

Joe F.
Product is good and recommend it Overall: I really enjoyed the purchase and product. It has many functions and I am supprised what it can do for us! Pros: I like the ease of use and what it can do for you and your business! Cons: I have not found anything I didn't like about the App yet!
Troy B.
QR Cloud Overall: It's very good. Customer service is prompt the product UX is good, and th UI is enjoyable. Pros: QR Cloud has several different features to take advantage of. It hard to pick one at this time as new user. Cons: At first I was having issue with the domain features but after time I found out that it had to do with cloudflare, no QR Cloud. That has been my only downside so far.
Cristian Paul B.
QR Engagement Pros: their web server were I can share my details. It was one of the reason why I bought it. Cons: As of now, there were no templates that I can use of. AFAIK they're still making it.
Jonathan C.
The App not to miss Pros: The customer service. Even if you have the best app in the world, if you have a crappy team running it, it's a crappy app. HERE, not only do you have a great app but incredible support staff. Cons: Up till now, nothing really but I am still a "newish" user.
Travis K.
Track every lead to steer your ship in a successful direction. Overall: We do not just offer QR codes anymore. We offer guided solutions. Pros: Being able to guide your efforts by tracking traffic with QR codes is my favorite feature. We've made QR codes in the past but this has been a game changer for us. There in no wasted effort. Cons: It's hard to give a least liked feature unless it is a feature that is unused and that doesn't seem fair.
Remo C.
Great software to share all business data with customers Overall: I haven't used paper tickets since I've used it. Also very practical for organizing temporary events. I also use it to send the link to my customers about our menu. Never a problem. the qr codes generated always work and are always read by customers Pros: Share my company data in just one click with incredible ease. Very practical and resourceful. I use it almost every day Cons: The Templates available are the only small part that is a bit simple. But otherwise the software has no problems and works very well
Mariangela C.
Un software molto efficace e efficiente per i qrcode e le biopage Overall: I qrcode generati sono molto configurabile e con tante opzioni, in più può essere collegato il proprio dominio e quindi fantastico Pros: Molto semplice da utilizzare con tanti istrumenti a disposizione. Affidabile e sempre disponibile. Riesci a creare delle pagine Bio con tutti i dati collegati in un click. Cons: Non ho trovato fino ad adesso problemi o situazioni mancanti. Qualche piccolo problema, ma subito risolto dalla assistenza.
Domenico D.
The best program I've tried so far. Optimal Overall: A lot of professional and great features, it works very well and is very intuitive to use. Simple but well structured with many complete functions. I highly recommend it. Pros: The assistance is very professional and quick, as soon as you write for a situation and in a short time it replies and solves your request. Cons: You might need ready-to-use templates. Qr codes dynamic stadistic
Geoffrey S.
Great benefits at an affordable rate Pros: The cost and ease of use. Was able to sign up and get running Cons: Some logos don't work correctly in the qr generation process
Troy B.
Simple but powerful Pros: Simple user interface to build qr code and video Cons: Simple user interface to build qr code and video. Could he better