Event QR Code

As the world gets back to normal, events that require crowd attention are slowly but surely following suit. But the pandemic has not yet ended, so the safety protocols that come with it must continue, and that includes not touching stuff. The good thing today is that technology has found a way to make transactions contactless and easy. Thanks to the power of the Event QR Code.

What is a QR Code?

A QR (abbreviation of quick response) Code is a two-dimensional barcode that can store huge amounts of information. It originated from Japan, driven by the desire to ease the strain that came from manually encoding information on cash registers. The QR Code is characterized by a square with details ranging from lines, dots, and various shapes. Parts called “eyes” and “eyeballs” can be seen, which we can detect using a scanner and direct us anywhere on the internet.

Why Shift to QR Code for Events?

Why Shift to Event QR Code?

Easily Accessible

Businesses like movies, theaters, concerts, and sporting events can benefit from QR Codes as it makes registration, payment, and feedback easier for today’s audiences. As our world is moving at a fast pace, people have little to no time waiting for long lines just to watch the show. For this reason, it is easier to advertise shows on various social media platforms, and QR Codes can facilitate the transactions to save people the trouble. Place QR Codes strategically on locations to make them easier to find.


It is also cost-effective and ecologically friendly. With Event QR Codes, no money and natural resources needed to suffer in the production of tickets and other physical paraphernalia just to promote a show.


Promoting your shows is no longer a one-way communication. An Event QR Code can make the users interact with your content, give feedback, or join a variety of games and contests that you organize.

Easy to Create

You can actually generate an Event QR Code in less than thirty minutes, depending on your purpose. You do not need high-end software or an advanced computer skill to come up with one. All you have to do is to find a QR-generating website like qr-cloud.com and that will make generating Event QR Codes a piece of cake for you.


Event QR Codes keep you up to date with the scanning activities. It lets you see how many users have scanned your codes, as well as the wheres and the whens. It also allows you to track how many users interacted with your Event QR Code.

How to Use QR Code for Events

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In Movies and Theaters

Cinemas everywhere use QR Codes today. We see QR Codes integrated into posters to engage audiences and give them more information about the movie. We can also use them to book tickets, which can speed up the transaction process. With QR Code for events, you don’t have to wait for a long line just to see a movie. One scan of a phone and you’ve already got a ticket.

In Concerts

The music scene has always kept abreast with the development in technology, and incorporating QR Codes in it is not an exemption. Want your adoring fans to learn more about your album, promote your concert, and ensure a jam-packed musical event? Well then, the QR Code is the best solution for you. Just put it in your promotional poster and engage your audience for a smooth, easy, and modernized concert experience. It can also be used to sell tickets and merchandise, or to contact performers or engage with their posts on social media.

In Sporting Events

Any loyal sports fan cannot be stopped from attending an event their favorite athlete or team is competing in. And what’s a better way to rally a huge audience than incorporating QR Codes to promotional posters, videos, or publication materials? Use QR Codes to promote the sports event, to learn more about the game, to follow athletes, and to gain feedback from fans. Put it on the audience seats or anywhere around the stadium. This way, the fans will have something to browse while waiting for the game.

How to Create QR Code for Events

  1. Visit QR Cloud. The site is user-friendly and it offers different types and designs of QR Codes that can be used for a variety of purposes.
  2. Open your account. You may create an account using SIGN UP or access your existing account by clicking SIGN IN.
  3. Dashboard. The dashboard offers a variety of linking options, but to create a QR Code, look for the QR-looking icon and click it. It will lead you to another page that contains a blue button with the words, “Create QR.” Click it.
  4. Customize. Change the name, type, and design of your QR Code. You can explore with different colors and even add your logo to give the users a unique feel.
  5. Test scan. It is important to give your QR Code a scan test before using it. It will ensure that the code you have created is working.
  6. Use. You can now use your QR Code any time and anywhere. Download it and lay it out on an e-poster, then publish it in social media or any other online platforms, or anywhere it is easily accessible.
  7. You can also create more than one QR Codes and export it in bulk. To do this, you need to go back to the QR-looking icon on the dashboard and click the download icon next to the Create QR button.


Your event-attending experience has never been this easy. With QR Code, you are guaranteed a safe, fast, and easy way to make transactions. This revolutionary technology is now widely used for the purpose of marketing, education, research, information storage, communication, and others.

Even in entertainment such as cinemas, concerts, and sporting events, QR Code for events are such a big help. They save you the time and effort to wait in a long queue or search your wallet for bills to pay a ticket. You can gain a lot of information about an event you are attending and find additional contents.