All your data on one, simple business card

QR codes on business cards offer a modern and efficient way to share contact information. They are unique, so the code stays the same even if the contact information changes.

Mobile optimized QR Pages

QR Pages are fully mobile optimized landing pages for your QR Code Campaign. Just drag and drop the blocks you want into your QR Page and create customized experiences.

Limitless Possibilities

Create a digital menu, a dynamic Business Card or a smart doorbell with QR Pages. Use pre-defined blocks and custom code for full customization.

QR Cloud QR Code Generator lets you create QR Codes with logos, trackable urls, whatsapp, email and phone links or dynamic Vcards. Use QR Cloud as your one stop-tool for all things QR. With our mobile optimized QR Pages you can create unique experiences behind your QR Code and collect data from your users for upcoming QR Code campaigns. Our Team feature let’s you work with your colleagues on a project or campaign. Use the free trial to get to know all features and test the QR Code Marketing Suite.