If you own a new YouTube channel and want to increase your viewers and subscribers within a short time, you can make a unique QR Code for your YouTube channel. In this way, you can generate massive traffic to your YouTube videos. Nowadays, one of the effortless ways to connect audiences with your brand or business is by using QR Code. You can just print the QR Code in magazines, brochures, printed ads, posters, and more. You can also add QR Codes on many social media platforms, which will help people instantly redirect to the landing page of your YouTube video or channel. 

Do you wonder how to quickly generate a QR Code for your YouTube Channel or video? 

Don’t worry! You can use QR-Cloud.com to make your QR Code within a second. 

Why Do You Choose QR Cloud?

  • You can generate amazing QR Codes with unique styles, logos, and colors.
  • Download Your QR Code in super-quality image files.
  • Make an Editable QR Code after printing
  • Password protected QR Links
  • 3 amazing QR Code styles – Square, Round, Dotted
  • Generate Customizable QR Codes
  • 13 different QR Code templates like URL, SMS, Event, and more. 
  • Analyze the statistics of your QR Code based on the device, country, city, language, and so on. 

Step By Step Guide To Create QR Code For Your YouTube Channel Or Video:

Step 1: Go to http://QR-Cloud.com

QR Cloud is a trusted QR Code generator that helps to create dynamic QR Codes instantly. Once you enter the website, you have to create an account yourself by using the “Get Started” button. In this section, you can see 3 different pricing plans with unique features: Basic, Pro, and Expert. You can also create a free account on QR Cloud, including a 7 days pro trial. Once you fixed the plan, 

  • Click the “Choose Plan” button
  • Enter your Name, Email, and Password
  • Click Register to create your account
  • Check the registered Email to activate your account

Note: If you go with 7 days pro trial or pro or expert plan, you need to fill in the billing details and get to create your QR Code with excellent features. 

Step 2: Click Create QR 

Once you verify the account, 

  • Click the QR Codes option
  • Enter the Name of your QR Code 
  • Click Project to create multiple QR Codes in a single project
  • Select URL Option In the QR Type section
  • Enter your YouTube URL that you want to convert into QR Code

Step 3: Customize Your QR Code


In the colors section, you can find two options that are style and Foreground Type

  1. Styles – Here, you can change your QR Code style to Square, Dot, or Round Type. 
  2. Foreground Type – In this section, you can change the QR Code color, background color, custom eyes color, and more. 


Next to the Colors option, you can find the branding option. From here, you can upload your brand logo that will appear in the middle of the QR Code. Also, you can adjust the logo size by using the logo size option as per your need. 


In the options section, you can change the size and margin size of your QR Code and error correction capability. 

Note: All the changes will instantly appear on the right side of your user panel. 

Step 4: Download / Print Your QR Code

Once you complete all the above 3 steps, it’s time to download or print your YouTube QR Code. 

  • You can download the QR Code in SVG, PNG, JPG, or WEBP format. 
  • Elsewhere, you can print the QR Code by using the print option below the QR Code. 

Step 5: Do A Test Of Your YouTube QR Code

Do a scan test before downloading or printing your QR Code. QR Code in static mode can’t be edited. However, If you create a QR Code in a dynamic form, it can be editable after printing. 

Once the created QR Code works well, your YouTube QR Code is ready to use! 

Benefits Of YouTube QR Code:

  • The main benefit of the YouTube QR Code is that it is Easy to access.
  • YouTube QR Code helps people to watch your YouTube video within a single scan without searching your video manually and no need to type the URL of your video. 
  • QR Code helps to enhance your YouTube channel more popular by increasing the number of subscribers within a short time.
  • YouTube QR Code is a user-friendly way to get more audience to your YouTube channel and boost engagement and conversion rates.