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There’s no doubt that online shopping is becoming a preferred method of shopping all around the world. With marketplaces sprouting left and right in virtual spaces, you can have almost anything you need with just a click or a tap without stepping outside your home or office.

This is a great opportunity for businesses and customers alike. Especially with over 3 billion people using smartphones worldwide, with many of them being on their phones all the time, stores and consumers are closer than ever.

But as the world reopens and people start going out of their homes and in physical stores again,

Subways and buses are perfect for that.

QR Code for Shopping While on Commute

Being able to shop whenever you want, finding an item easily, and saving time are three of the main reasons Americans prefer to shop online, according to a 2021 survey conducted by BigCommerce and PayPal.

This can be even more convenient by placing the QR Code to your online store in subways or buses. With QR Code, your customers can access your products while on commute, saving their precious time and effort.

Since many commuters are on their phones during transit anyway, all they need to do is get repeatedly exposed to your products for them to realize a need.

Soon, they will be on their phone… but they have scanned your QR Code and are checking out your products.

How to Make a QR Code for Shopping Online

You can easily make a QR Code for your online store with a reliable QR Code generator. QR Cloud QR Code Marketing Suite is a reliable and highly versatile QR Code generator.

  1. Sign up or sign in to your QR Code generator.
  2. On your Dashboard, click Total QR Codes. Here you can find all the QR Codes you’ve created so far.
  3. Click the “Create QR” button.
  4. Type in the name for your campaign. This will help you find this QR Code among all the QR Codes you have generated. If this is part of a project, you may select the project title from the Project dropdown menu.
  5. For the QR Type, choose “URL” from the dropdown menu.
  6. Paste the URL of your landing page.
  7. Make sure to test your QR Code before printing or downloading.

You now have a static QR Code for the landing page of your online store. You may also customize the appearance of your QR Code using the other buttons in the panel.

How to Use a QR Code for Shopping on Your Subway and Bus Ads

Trains and buses are a great location to advertise your online store due to repeat exposure. However, people here are also busy. Make sure that you incorporate these things to increase the likelihood that your target audience will scan your QR Code.

Use a short URL to make it easy to scan.

Subways and buses are busy public locations, so a complicated QR Code will take a longer time for your smartphone to read. This could lead your customers to abandon scanning altogether. A shorter URL makes a QR Code less complicated, leading your smartphone camera to read it faster.

Have a great landing page.

Instead of having your homepage as your landing page, send your customers directly to the page of the specific product or products you are advertising for the current campaign. For instance, the campaign is for five new iPhone cases. Instead of sending them to a page where all of your phone cases can be found, why not create a separate landing page for these specific phone cases? Your customers will appreciate that they don’t have to scroll through all your products to get to the exact product you are advertising.

Make checkout fast and hassle-free.

According to BigCommerce, unexpected high costs, required account creation, “window shopping”, limited payment options, and website security concerns are the five reasons why customers abandon their online shopping carts. Minimize this by ensuring that your physical campaign – billboards and signages – includes what your customers can expect from your store. For example, include the standard retail price of the product you are selling as well as the available payment options on your ads. Give them an option for guest checkout. Make sure that they can checkout before they get to the next stop.

Idea for Businesses: Interior Advertising on Subway and Buses

How to Use a QR Code for Shopping on Your Subway and Bus Ads

Subways and buses, as high foot traffic sites, are a great venue to influence awareness of your business as they see your ads over and over while waiting for their ride or during transit. If you enter a contract with a great advertising agency, they will know the best way to make your campaign visible and effective.

Interior Advertising

You can put up posters with your QR Code on the side panels of the trains and buses at eye-level for standing passengers, or passenger panels near the ceiling for seated passengers.

Train and Bus Stations

Train and bus stations may be busy locations, but they promise repeated exposure of commuters to your advertisement. Put them up on spots where commuters would have a little time to look at an ad, such as the escalator, the waiting area, or the restroom.

Bottom Line

Trains and buses are strategic locations for any campaign. They are high foot traffic places where people are just sitting or standing while waiting to get to their destination. Many stay busy by being on their phone during transit. Attain their trust and confidence in your brand through repeat exposure, so that they will soon realize a need for your product or service. Having an online store QR Code they trust available at an arm’s length increases the likelihood that they will finally click checkout before they get to their stop.

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