QR Codes for Earth Day

Earth Day is almost here. Surely, you’re already thinking about sustainable ways to share your advocacies for taking care of our only home. Have you already tried QR Codes?

In this article, let’s talk about how you can maximize QR Codes for Earth Day… and everyday for the rest of the year!

Are QR Codes Sustainable?

We at QR Cloud think so. Quick Response (QR) Codes are two-dimensional barcodes that can contain a large amount of information in various formats, readable using most smartphone cameras today. They have proven to be useful to encourage users to access digital content and download mobile applications, manage assets, transfer money or cryptocurrency, and more.

Why do we believe QR Codes are more sustainable than traditional advertising methods? For one, the amount and variety of information a QR Code can store makes it easier for your media team to share more using less space. In a single QR Code, which can be as little as half an inch, you can share videos, photos, text, and full websites. Thus, you don’t need as much space as when using traditional forms of sharing content.

Another reason we think QR Codes are environmentally friendly is that you have the option to have only one QR Code for all your campaigns. You can do this through the power of dynamic QR Codes, which we will teach you how to create later. Dynamic QR Codes are more sustainable because you can make corrections or reprint your collateral without having to generate a new code. This saves you money from printing costs, and more importantly, saves resources.

23 Ways to Use QR Codes for Earth Day 2023

  1. Invite like-minded individuals and groups to join your upcoming activities for Earth Day.
  2. Invite fellow environmentally conscious people to volunteer for your organization.
  3. Accept donations for your advocacies.
  4. Share information about climate change.
  5. Share information about animals facing extinction.
  6. Rally eco-warriors to pledge to take actions in their daily lives.
  7. Share your suggestions for how to live more sustainably everyday.
  8. Encourage people to watch your favorite climate action video or channel on YouTube.
  9. Direct other listeners to your favorite climate change podcast on Spotify.
  10. Share a planet-friendly recipe everyday for 30 days.
  11. Lead individuals to a curated list of organizations that they can join or donate to.
  12. Share a free PDF on recycling.
  13. Direct climate activities straight to the email of a big corporation to urge them to take more substantial climate action.
  14. Share the awesome t-shirt design you and your team created for your Earth Day rally.
  15. Share a digital copy of your children’s book that tackles environmental issues.
  16. Share a list of endemic trees for tree-planting activities.
  17. Direct traffic to your climate action website.
  18. Share a high-resolution infographic or flyer on climate change that people can post on their social media accounts or in their workplace.
  19. Share the link to your virtual climate rally.
  20. For businesses, share what you have done to help fight climate change for the past year.
  21. Share a list of books that people can read to increase their knowledge about climate.
  22. Share the importance of local indigenous practices in preserving the environment.
  23. Share a digital template for a letter that people can send to government officials to urge them to create laws for environmental protection.

How to Create a QR Code on QR Cloud?

If you’re already preparing your materials for the upcoming Earth Day, you may be looking for a suitable way to create your QR Codes.

QR Cloud is a QR Code generator that lets you do more than just beautiful QR Codes. Here, you can create a reusable QR Code that will perfectly work on Earth Day and beyond. You can easily create a QR Code that you can edit and change anytime, as well as have valuable insights on the reach of your digital campaign through data analytics.

Here’s how you can easily create a dynamic QR Code on QR Cloud:

  1. On your dashboard, click the “Create Link” button and choose “Dynamic Link” from the dropdown list.
  2. Paste the initial URL of the webpage you want to create a QR Code for.
  3. Encode a short URL for your QR Code. (I recommend using a more generic short URL, such as the name of your organization.)
  4. Click “Update and Create QR Code.”
  5. Design your QR Code using our easy-to-use QR Code generator.
  6. Once satisfied with the appearance of your QR Code, do a test scan to make sure it works, and save it.
  7. To change the contents of your QR Code, go back to your dashboard. You can find the links you have created under the “Create Link” button. The latest link you have created will be the last on the last. Click it.
  8. Go to Advanced and paste the URL you want to redirect users to on the Leap Link URL box.
  9. As always, perform a test scan and save.

Voila! The QR Code you’ve just created can be used as many times as you want for any campaign using the unlimited redirects feature. This feature makes QR Codes sustainable, which is only available when you subscribe to the QR Code generator.

Want to give sustainable dynamic QR Codes a try? Sign up to QR Cloud and get your first 7 days for free!