QR Code for Transportation

It’s amazing how a small, square barcode can perform a variety of tasks for many purposes nowadays. From data collection to business transactions, QR (Quick Response) Codes can ensure a quick and efficient way to accomplish all of these.

They are also a potential tool to power up your transportation experience. Whether you are selling vehicles or providing services, QR Code for transportation can surely help not only to speed up the transaction process but also potentially keep your customers or passengers safe.

History of QR Codes

QR Codes came from a Japanese company called Denso Wave. It was invented by the company’s engineer, Masahiro Hara, in the mid 1990s. Hara explained that in 1990, a shift from mass manufacturing of one type of product to more flexible production made the Denso Wave’s manufacturing sites request for a barcode with higher storage capacity. He further said that more detailed production control was required at manufacturing sites. QR Codes were created with only a two-man team.

Another account recalled that the cashiers are experiencing strains and carpal tunnel syndrome from manually encoding information in cash registers, hence, the code was developed.

How QR Codes will Change the Direction of Transportation

Product/Goods Shipping

Nowadays, buying and selling goods are also done online. Some online shopping platforms use QR Codes to track the customers’ orders. It also helps to determine if the contents of a parcel are wrong or damaged.

Inventory of Goods

QR Codes are created mainly for the purpose of inventory management. Sellers or manufacturers can put a QR Code on each item to be able to track its location and condition.


QR Codes can greatly help in booking tickets for transportation such as buses, planes, and ferries. This will save the customer time, money, and energy. They no longer have to commute, pay extra, and wait in longer lines just to travel. The QR tickets may store information such as the name of passengers and the seats they are assigned to.

Marketing Vehicles

If your business focuses on selling vehicles, a QR Code can help your customers know about the product, its features, what it is made of, and how it is maintained, by just a scan.

Transportation Safety

QR Codes can also help you stay safe when you ride a public transport. Some countries place QR Codes on the doors of the taxis. These provide information about the driver. So, that means, if the driver is doing something that makes you uncomfortable, you can easily contact the agency or an emergency number for help.

Vehicle Rental

You can also use QR Codes to facilitate vehicle rentals, such as providing the contact information of public transport like Uber. One scan of the QR Code and the customer can contact the driver and book a ride.

In some areas, QR Codes are used to locate and rent a bicycle. The user just needs to download a bike rental app, launch it, locate the bicycle, unlock it, and use it to commute.

How to Create a QR Code for Transportation Services

Visit QR Cloud

QR Cloud is one of the best websites for your QR Code needs. You can create different types of codes for different purposes.

Access Your Account

You can access your account by signing in or signing up. If you choose to sign in, you can either choose to enter your email and password in the form or sign in with your Gmail or social media account. If you choose to sign up, you have to to fill in a form with a few essential details and choose a plan.

Create QR Code

You can find this feature in the QR-looking box on the dashboard. After clicking the box, you will find a button, “Create QR.” This directs you to a QR-generating page.

Choose a QR Code Type

The first thing you need to do when you land to the QR-generating page is to choose the type of QR Code you are going to create.

URL. Copy the link of your landing page, social media account, or website and paste it on the prompt provided by the generator.

Text. this type is perfect for creating QR for tickets or parcel trackers. All you have to do is encode the information like the name of the customer, tracking number, and seat number (if this is a ticket).

vCard. If you choose this QR type, you need to fill in essential information on the form that will appear on the screen. This will be useful for public vehicles, to make sure that the operators are legitimate and are doing their job properly.

Contact information. A transportation product or service can also give their contact information such as SMS, phone, social media links, and email address. Creating this QR may require them to put their contact details for customers’ inquiries or feedback.

Payment. You can also create a QR Code for streamlining payment. QR Cloud offers codes for PayPal and Crypto. Just fill in the information needed and collect fees without breaking a sweat.

Always remember to create one QR Code for only one purpose. This is to avoid misleading and confusing the customers.

Customize Your QR Code

QR Cloud has a variety of features that will make your scannable code stand out. You can definitely change the way it looks by playing with the colors and backgrounds and adding a logo of your business. However, just be careful not to reverse the foreground and background colors as it will affect the functionality of your QR Code.

Give it a Try

Download a legitimate QR scanner and try running your created QR in it. If it works, then you’re good to go. But if it doesn’t, you may need to modify a part of your code or change it entirely to make it work.

Green Light!

If your QR Code works, then you can proceed to publishing it for whatever purpose you want. Are you going to use it as a ticket, for payment, or for contacts? Go ahead and put it to use.