QR Codes for Karaoke Singing Apps

Some of the biggest stars in the world of music started from karaoke. Arnel Pineda, the newest frontman of Journey, was discovered by the band from YouTube, wherein he covered their songs together with his bandmates, The Zoo. Even singer-songwriter Taylor Swift used to compete constantly in a karaoke contest at the age of 10 before becoming world-famous.

According to Oxford Languages, karaoke is a form of entertainment, offered typically by bars and clubs, in which people take turns to sing popular songs into a microphone over pre-recorded backing tracks. If you are planning to make singing a career, karaoke is a good way to get started. But with the advent of the COVID-19 pandemic, you need to be very careful with using shared microphones since this can potentially transmit the virus.

The good news is that since the pandemic, smartphones have become much more accessible, and karaoke singing apps have begun to gain popularity. People may simply download a karaoke app and sing whatever songs they choose instead of going to a KTV bar and paying to sing.

Karaoke apps are likewise packed with many features. Users can experiment with various effects to make it sound like a studio recording or a concert. They can also perform duets with other users (or sometimes professional singers) and share their performances via social media or YouTube video logs.

You want to be a singer and show your talents to the world? The easiest and fastest way to rise to stardom is just a matter of scanning away. Introducing the QR Code.

What is QR Code?

Quick Response (QR) Codes are square-shaped barcodes that can hold up to more than 7,000 characters. These are generally used to store information, but as time passes, they can be used for a variety of activities and transactions, including information storage, buy and sell, landing pages, photo galleries, simplifying payments, locating places, emergency contacts, and much more.

It was created in the mid-1990s by an engineer of Denso Wave, an automotive company in Japan that specializes in creating barcode readers and related gadgets. The tedious encoding of bulky information prompted engineer Masahiro Hara to create a type of code that could store huge amounts of information.

Why Consider QR Codes for Karaoke?

It saves a lot. You can create a QR code in just one sitting, with minimal time, effort, and expenses (in fact, you may not spend a single cent at all). You do not need a four-year or online course to create a code, and definitely not a specialized gadget to scan it. If you have a smartphone and a reliable QR scanner, then that will do.

It is eco-friendly. If you are someone who advocates for environmental awareness, then you will love the QR Code. It takes up a small space in a print publication and can even be distributed online or through videos. Imagine the trees and other resources that you will save by switching to this kind of advertisement.

It is versatile. Because QR Codes can store a large amount of information, it allows you to interact in a variety of ways. You can register, buy and sell, pay, play games, watch shows, and learn by just scanning a code. It 

Where to Use QR Codes for Karaoke?

Promoting a new cover. You can create a QR Code that links the users or potential audience to your song covers.

Inviting friends to duet. Some karaoke apps contain features that enable a user to perform a duet with another user, or with a pre-recorded performance of a professional singer. If you are someone who likes singing in a duet, then you can create a QR Code inviting your friends or other contacts to a live or pre-recorded duet.

Referring friends from contacts and social media. In order to access more features from karaoke apps, sometimes, you need to invite friends using a referral number. A QR Code can help you connect friends to your karaoke app and enjoy its benefits at the same time.

YouTube and Social Media Link. Karaoke apps also have features that let you share your newly-recorded song cover on Social Media or YouTube. If you want to increase your audience through these platforms, then a QR Code can definitely aid you with that.

Promoting products and services. The live and room features of a karaoke app can also be a platform in promoting products and services (that should be, of course, related to music). You can paste its link into a QR Code and get customers.

Best Practices in Generating and Using QR Codes for Karaoke?

Creating a QR Code does not require time, effort, money, and specialized equipment. In fact, you can create one in just one sitting. If you are looking for a website with the capacity to solve your QR problems, qr-cloud.com is the best place for you.

One Code, One Purpose. To avoid confusion, just create one QR Code for one transaction.

Call to Action. Users love directions they can easily follow. For that, you can create a call to action where they can scan for a particular purpose. E.G. Scan to join, scan to pay, scan to access.

Simple but Unique Design. Create a cool and unique design by adding a logo to your QR Code. Just remember to keep the foreground darker than the background. This way, your code can easily be scannable.

Test Scanning. Don’t forget to give your QR Codes a scan test before publishing it. This ensures that your codes are functional. If there are any issues, you can simply go back to customization and make the necessary changes.


Some of the world’s best singers started their careers from karaoke. If you dream of becoming one of them someday, then that would be a good start for you. Good thing today, technology is so advanced that producers can discover you through a variety of platforms like social media. And to make your discovery easier, you can use QR codes to reach more audience and get closer to your dreams.