Get more Reviews with QR Codes

87% of the customers read online reviews before they buy any product. There is no doubt that all these orders will go to businesses who have highly rated brands [mostly having between 4-5 star ratings]. This is true across all major industries! 

Reviews build the reputation of a business, especially when a new customer is making up his mind to buy from you. If there is a business with a lot of bad reviews, then the chances of a new customer buying a product are negligible in 2022. 

To explain this further, here are a few statistics to show the importance of online reviews for business growth: 

However, if you are running a business and you had some bad experience with a few of your customers that resulted in negative reviews, then your business does not have to suffer. There are some ups and downs in every business. There are many ways to tackle bad reviews, you can reply publicly, and in a problem-solving manner. Your response shows how you handle your customer and your intent to provide the best solution to your customers. 

Just answering back on your bad reviews is not enough! You have to take the right step to generate positive reviews for your business. Once you have positive reviews about your business, then you will see making progress with your revenue in terms of product sales. 

But, how do you do this? 

Well, one of the best ways to start creating positive reviews is by using QR codes. Yes, QR codes can help you to generate more reviews for your business! In the following section, we are going to discuss how you can make the most of it. 

QR Codes help generate more reviews

Different platforms allow you to post reviews on popular platforms such as Facebook and Google My business. Now, this might sound tough and it is not easy, but this can be achieved by using Rating and Feedback QR Codes.

How to use QR codes to gain more reviews for your business?

When you want to showcase your service online and generate trust among your potential customers. To achieve this, you have to get positive reviews for your business. QR codes can be the perfect way to do this, and complement your online review process. To make this easier for you we have added some use cases of QR codes: 

Put QR codes on Tables 

This is specifically for business in the food industry, also most of the customers heavily rely on ratings to choose a restaurant for dining, In this case, you can place your QR codes on the tables and politely ask your customer to leave their genuine feedback for your services. Also, you can place the same QR code on the bills or table tents. You can choose the placement where you find that your customer would be most comfortable leaving a review. 

Place QR Codes on Fitness Studios

This is specifically for the fitness industry. All the Gyms and Fitness centres will succeed and get more memberships after meeting their customer expectations. Once you have completed a class, then you can ask for a review or send them emails with the rating QR code to share their experience with you. On the other hand, if you are looking to get a more insightful review then you can send them the feedback QR code via email. You can also add a poster with the feedback/rating QR code at the exit gate/changing rooms of your gym/fitness centre. 

Place QR codes in fashion retail stores

Fashion retail shops change their products based on the seasons and trends. Therefore you have to get insights from the customer whether they like the product or not. To do this, you can add QR codes to different sections of the store to get feedback from customers regarding different season collections or new designer clothes. You can add the same to the billing section and ask gently for their review or you can gather their email address and email them regarding their experience in the store via a feedback QR code. 

Use QR codes for experience gathering on Applications/Software

The entire application/software industry is dependent on customer expectations. You can add the QR code on your landing pages, or you can gather their email and later contact for their feedback regarding different aspects of the software. You can take such feedback to improve the software experience on such reviews. 

QR codes for hotel rooms 

Another business industry that is dependent on online reviews and customer feedback is the hotel and tourism industry. You can add the QR code to the menu or the bill of your customer. Also, you can ask the customers regarding their reviews on a rating QR code for your customers. You can also send a feedback QR code to get a detailed review from the customer. 

Send QR codes to patients after appointments

People always check the reviews of healthcare centres before visiting the place in person. Everybody wants to hire the best doctor for themselves and their loved ones. Therefore reviews play a huge role. Once you have consulted a particular patient, then you can take their contact details such as email id or Whatsapp number. After this, you can send them the rating QR code and feedback QR code to get a detailed review of your services. Or you can also add the FB QR codes on your bills/forms/business cars that the patient can fill out later as a response to your services. 

Customer satisfaction is the key!

The above mentioned were some of the ways to increase your online review. However, this does not guarantee that you will get positive reviews everytime. Therefore, you should always take the feedback positively and work towards providing the best service to your customers. 

Best of luck!