QR Codes Restaurant Menu

All business transactions are greatly influenced in this world of advancement and technology. In the past, restaurants tended to take orders manually, but now with the increase in mobile usage and wireless connection system has broken the mold.

Currently, QR or rapid response codes that users scan with a mobile phone have a role at all restaurants, from sports bars to fine-dining locations.

Many businesses currently use them as a quick and frictionless way to distribute constantly updated menus, but that’s not their only application. Find more about QR codes to your advantage and create free codes using OpenTable.

Restaurants are increasingly providing sit-in customers with a QR code menu for table ordering. It’s an excellent option for many hospitality enterprises, including restaurants, pubs, hotels, stadiums, and movie theaters.

Introduction To QR Code

QR code is a 2D matrix code that provides high storage, and it provides fast scanning in this latest era. It is similar to a barcode but contains more information as it has both horizontally and vertically data.

QR code has numerous benefits with its advanced technology system. Nowadays, people use more technology, which has added ease to the life of everyone. 

Now every smartphone has the function of a camera which can read the barcode.QR code is getting more popular and is applied to many marketing application streams. With the increase in smartphone usage, QR codes are getting more acceptable and taking their place quickly.

How To Use QR Codes in Restaurants

QR Code used in a Restaurant

There are different ways restaurants offer you a QR code.

When used for ordering and payment, QR codes are especially useful. The procedure is as follows:

  • A guest sits at the table and scans a QR code to access the digital menu.
  • The QR code may be unique to the table or require the guest to enter their specific table number, depending on the system.
  • Visitors can browse the menu, add items to their shopping cart, and send their orders directly to the kitchen printer or Kitchen Display System.
  • Some restaurant QR code ordering systems allow guests to start a tab with a pre-authorized credit card so they can order continuously throughout their meal and pay when they’re finished. The credit card pre-authorization ensures that the restaurant can still close out the check from the POS if a guest forgets to do so. When the guest is ready to leave, they can pay for their meal and walk out!

It’s not rocket science to use QR codes in a restaurant. You have to scan, and you are ready to go. It’s the simplest thing you can do.

You can have numerous benefits while using a QR code in a restaurant. Here we have discussed them and how restaurants benefit from this technology.

How QR Code Works In A Restaurant

Nowadays, if you have a restaurant that does not provide QR codes to your guests, it can be a huge turnover.

You cannot be left behind, as every modern restaurant is now using QR code menus today.

QR code is the latest technology that provides a lot of benefits.

Let’s dive in to know more about how QR codes work and provide ease to your guests.

Menus can be safely shared with guests

QR codes that direct to menus reduce touches for guests and restaurant staff. QR codes take that a step further by making people feel more at ease while dining at your restaurant and eliminating the need to print single-use paper menus.

Consider adding QR code menus to posters in your storefront, cards, and table tents to allow on-premise guests to access the menu without making contact.

Allow visitors to join the waitlist from afar

Reduce crowding at the host stand by posting a waitlist QR code in the entryway and windows, allowing guests to join your online waitlist with their mobile devices. 

Guests can see where they are in line and receive text notifications when their table is ready, allowing you to run a more efficient (and less crowded) front of the house.

Share your restaurant’s operating hours, dress code, and other information

By directing diners to your restaurant profile via QR code, you can provide them with the most important information they need to know about when and how to dine with you. Restaurant owners can post the code in their storefront window so that passersby can take all the information they require.

Encourage customers to make reservations at your restaurant

As your restaurant welcomes guests back, use a QR code to direct them to the reservation link on your website or OpenTable profile and encourage them to make a reservation. 

Then, like wildfire, spread it:

Please include it in promotional materials and business cards.

Include a flier with the QR code in takeout orders.

Post it in the windows so guests can scan the codes and book whenever and wherever is most convenient, even if you’re closed.

QR codes provide a good solution to help guests book a reservation for hotel restaurants considering moving more concierge services to digital solutions. Display the QR code at the front desk, in guest rooms, and elsewhere.

Inform guests about your takeout and delivery options

With a custom QR Code, you can make it simple for people to order takeout or delivery from you. Please post it in restaurant entryways and windows to encourage on-premise guests to return to your restaurant. Distribute marketing materials and emails to all guests inviting them to order takeout or delivery.

Request feedback from guests

Never pass up an opportunity to hear from customers about what they liked about their meal and what could be improved next time. Create QR codes that link to feedback surveys to give to guests at the end of their meals using QR code generators. Use their suggestions to boost guest satisfaction and loyalty.

Display your culinary creations

Bring people behind the scenes—invite them to become guests by virtually sharing your food and dining experience. QR codes can be used to link to images or behind-the-scenes videos. Images can clog menus, but QR codes make it simple to display images of top sellers and guest favorites.

Bring visitors to your online community

Whether you create a community on Instagram, Facebook, Yelp, or your website, QR codes can direct visitors to where they can participate. Please encourage them to post photos of their meals, interact with content, and see what other customers enjoy at your restaurant.

QR codes have a lot of potential for marketing your restaurant, bringing in more customers, making your menu and restaurant details easy to find, and so on. Continue to think outside the box to develop new ways to meet people where they are in a contactless manner.

Effective Ways to Engage Your Guest With QR Codes In Restaurant

QR code functions well by engaging your customers simultaneously. It increases your customer satisfaction, and you can have more customers who like to be entertained by your restaurant.

Here are some effective methods for utilizing QR Code technology in your restaurant. And make it easier for your guests to enjoy the entire experience.

Make it simple for your customers to dine out and learn about their food

You can use QR codes to help customers order their meals and pay their bills. How?

Create QR codes that, when scanned, bring up the menu for customers to help them order their meal.

As they finish their meal, scanning the QR Code brings up their bill, allowing them to pay it digitally.

They won’t even bother pulling out their phone to use a tip calculator online because they can now do the rest on the phone as well.

You can provide them with games and rewards

Restaurants can offer their customers the option of playing a mobile-based game. This will keep the guest interested while they wait for their order or bill.

Customers can access the browser-based online game by scanning the QR Code. They can also win freebies or discounts if they do well in the game.

Assist them in submitting their feedback

Feedback is essential for determining what you’re doing well and where you can improve. Furthermore, such online reviews can help you rank higher in search engines.

However, submitting a review is a time-consuming process. As a result, customers rarely bother. However, a QR Code can assist you in convincing them to do so. How? By making it easier for them to provide feedback.

They need to scan the QR Code and submit their feedback—that is easy. And we refer to it as a Google review QR Code.

Use QR codes to connect fun activities

A QR Code can ask for quizzes, run contests, and keep competitions. Guests can enter a contest or enter a lucky draw simply by scanning a QR Code. The guests will receive free gifts or discounts if they win the contest.

Similarly, anecdotes can be linked to your QR Code. You can share interesting facts about your restaurant or tell your story.

Reasons To Use QR Code In A Restaurant

There are numerous compelling reasons to use a QR code menu in a restaurant, ranging from social distancing to higher order values. Here are 12 reasons we believe are compelling.

Reduce printing expenses

The menu at many restaurants changes regularly. It costs money to update a print version of a menu whenever the chef introduces a new item or runs out of something. Instead, with a QR code menu, changes can be made digitally as needed without incurring additional costs.

Reduce customer contact by employees

During the pandemic, people have learned to limit their physical interactions with others. A QR code menu can help you as a restaurant owner/operator reduce contact between your staff and customers. Sometimes, the staff will still be required to bring the food to the table. You could, however, have a collection point system within the restaurant.

Boost order values

When customers order online, they spend more money. Incorporating online ordering into your operations can increase your average order value by up to 30%.

Face-to-face upsells can be a clumsy and awkward experience for both staff and customers. Customers who order from a digital menu do not feel rushed to make a decision and are more at ease adding additional menu items. They are also not embarrassed or shy about having a second helping of onion rings.

Menu items can be easily and frequently updated

When you run out of something in the kitchen, it’s inconvenient to inform customers that a menu item is no longer available. With a digital menu, you can easily update it as often as you want.

Improved menu design

A digital menu is designed with a strong user experience, allowing you to highlight the most popular items, increase order value, and optimize conversion rates.


QR codes are now extensively used by all restaurants, providing ease to them in many ways. Above, we have discussed all the benefits of QR codes and how you can use them in restaurants.

Undoubtedly, QR codes are the best thing since sliced bread. And everyone running a business or a restaurant must expose it to their customers.