qr codes on coffee cups, white coffee cup with red lid on metallic surface

Interested in adding QR Codes on coffee cups?

Coffee shops are places that offer a variety of beverages, while also serving good-to-go foods like sandwiches, fries, nachos, and the like. Nowadays, coffee shops are increasing due to the fast-paced development brought about by the customers’ or clients’ changing needs. Jobs around the world require more time and attention. And at some point, employees would be lucky to have a full meal two times a day.

Aside from providing a quick way to fill our tummies, coffee shops also offer a place where people can socialize, enjoy the theme, and work in a peaceful and aesthetic environment while enjoying a cup of steaming (or frozen) beverages.

While these business establishments keep up with the trend, we cannot help that new and innovative products may take their place in the future. But who in the coffee business would want it to happen?

Aside from keeping if not improving the quality of the products and services, one way to keep customers coming for more is by incorporating their business with technology. This means creating websites and social media pages, using engaging designs to attract the attention of potential customers, and now, streamlining transactions by means of QR Codes.

QR Codes: A Brief Overview

QR Code on coffee cups? How does it help?

Before we dive into the steaming depths of the idea, let us first understand what QR Codes are, where they come from, and how they work.

QR Code is a short term for Quick Response Code, a two-dimensional shape inspired by a board game in Japan. It comes in the form of a square with nodes and lines, and in some occasions, small company logos.

According to an article in Tec-It, a single QR Code symbol can carry up to 7089 numeric characters, 4296 alphanumeric characters, 2953 bytes (binary data) or 1817 Kanji characters (character set according to JIS X 0208), and its capacity depends on the code version and error correction level.

The information it holds can be accessed through a scan. In the past, specialized devices were required to scan a QR Code. But with the advent of smart technology, all a user needs to do is download a scanner and then learn, buy, sell, book a ticket, and do various other transactions online.

Market Your Beverages with QR Codes on Coffee Cups

As QR Codes are quickly becoming a versatile alternative to any mode of transaction nowadays, it will be a great addition if you want your coffee business to thrive. Statistics predict that the usage of QR Codes is not likely to end soon, so it would be better to take advantage of it while you can. Here are some ways you can use QR Codes to advance your business:

QR in every cup.

You can create a QR Code and lay it out on a cup of coffee for a variety of occasions. These QR Codes can engage customers by allowing them to learn about your product, its recipe and other information, or get surprise treats and other giveaways. It can also serve as a means for customers to contact the shop and order coffee wherever and whenever they feel like.

Product Packaging.

Are you selling more than just a cup of coffee? Perhaps some packed foods or coffee products? Adding QR Code to its packaging not only helps in making it more attractive but interactive too. Tell more about your items like nutritional facts, history, ingredients, other varieties, and more with just a scan.

Interact with the Shop Environment and Amenities.

You can also let your customers interact with your shop’s environment and amenities through a QR Code. You can include some mini-trivia about what your business or product is about for them to read. Or, get them searching for items in a scavenger hunt.

Get Reviews and Feedback.

Feedback is essential for the improvement of a business’ quality of products and services. With a QR Code, you can lead your customers to a form where they can rate and provide written feedback about their experiences in your shop.

Creating a QR Codes for Your Coffee Business

QR Codes are created for a variety of purposes. And qr-cloud.com is a good website for all your QR-related needs. Give it a try and enjoy its vast array of features.

Here are some tried and tested tips on how to generate your QR Code for your coffee business:

Clarify Your Purpose

What are you creating a QR Code for? Promotion on social media, educating customers, giving away freebies and coupons, or streamlining payment? Make sure that your purpose is clear. This way, the customers can easily follow any instructions you want to give regarding the QR Code.

Create a Call to Action

A call to action will provide easy access to your customers because they will simply follow a short instruction and be directed to a particular action. Just make sure that your instructions jibe with the action that you intend to implement so that your customers will not get confused.

Opt for a Dynamic QR Code

Dynamic QR Codes are fool-proof, trackable, and editable. You can never go wrong with it.

Proper Layout

A QR Code with a lighter background and darker foreground is much preferred, as it can easily be scanned. Your logo should also stray from being too big or extravagant as it will affect the functionality of your QR Code.

Try it First

Before laying your QR Codes on coffee cups, give it a test scan first to see if it works well. If it doesn’t, you can always go back to the customization page to make necessary changes.


Download, print, and publish it anywhere in your coffee shop! On your signage, coffee cups, product package, staff apron, name it! Get your customers engaged and interacting with your products.

Final Thoughts

Who doesn’t like coffee? This is probably one of the bestselling beverages today, and like QR Codes, the directional trend of this product may not decline anytime soon. Incorporating QR Codes on coffee cups will not only get your customers engaged, but it will also boost their number.

So what will stop you from using QR Codes for your coffee?