QR Code wrapping paper

Nowadays, QR codes can be used to provide more engaging content in many different areas, including marketing, healthcare, education, government, and more. They can even be used in unique settings, such as on gravestones and tattoos. Now, there is another way to use QR codes to engage customers, and that is by turning them into QR Code wrapping paper.

What are QR wrapping papers and how do they work?

QR Gift Wrappers are the latest addition to the powered-up trend. These wrappers incorporate QR Codes to offer receivers an interactive gift-giving experience. Instead of using traditional wrapping paper or gift bags, QR codes are printed on the gift wrapper or gift tag in a square shape, which can be scanned using a smartphone or tablet.

The scanned QR codes redirect recipients to a wide range of digital content such as personalized video messages, photo galleries or albums, websites, or even games. These wrappers are particularly popular for special occasions as they can make gift-giving activities more engaging and exciting.

Why QR Code Wrapping Paper?

Eco-Friendly. If you are fond of giving gifts yet care for the environment, then this is good news for you! QR-Coded gift wrappers reduce the use of traditional gift wrappers and tapes, which at most times cannot be recycled.

Convenient. All it takes for the recipient is to scan the QR Code on the gift wrapper, and the gift will be revealed. This saves time and effort, especially when you intend to give gifts to more than one person.

Customizable. Who wouldn’t be moved by personal touch? With QR Codes, you can make your gift more interactive and personal by including a special message (video message, a song, a decorated note, an album) to the recipient. One scan is all they need to access your extra gift for them. This will make their gift more memorable and meaningful.

Space-Saving. QR gift wrappers will enable you to store your gifts in little spaces, because there is no need to physically wrap your materials and they will only become available digitally. You can easily print your QR Code on a small piece of paper, a folder, a card, or a note and hand it to your recipient.

Interactive. QR-coded wrappers can be made more immersive and interactive by including video messages, games, trivia, and other digital contents. This enables your recipients to have a fun and leveled-up experience in the gift-giving process.

Creating QR Codes for Your Interactive Gift Wrappers

Just like any wrappers available in the market, creating a QR-coded wrapper doesn’t need you to break a sweat. Here are some of the steps you can take in order to create your own personalized interactive gift wrap:

CREATE A QR CODE. In creating QR codes, there are several factors to consider. First, you need to decide the purpose in which you want to create a QR Code. Next, select a QR Code generator online. If you need a generator to cater your interactive needs, then qr-cloud.com is the right place for you. Then, you can already customize your QR Code by changing the colors or adding images and logos (only, make sure that it is still scannable after the tweaks and modifications). After that, give your QR Codes a test scan to see if it works.

IMPLEMENT YOUR QR CODE. You can print your QR code on a piece of paper (it can be a sticker paper or a kraft tag) and put it on your gift wrapper. Just make sure to add an easy-to-follow instruction so that the recipient will know what to do with your QR Code.

Examples of QR Code Wrapping Paper Available in the Market

Want to know what kind of QR wrappers are available in the market today? Here are some common examples:

VIDEO WRAPPING PAPER. Want to make your greetings more personal? Add a video message to it! A QR Code holds so much a space it can even store a video message and make it accessible through a scan. When the recipient scans your QR Code on a wrapping paper, the video will immediately play on their devices.

MUSIC WRAPPING PAPER. Is your recipient a music lover? You can create a QR Code where they can access the playlist of their lives. Just print or stick the QR Code on a gift wrapper or a tag and instruct them to give it a scan, then they could already listen to their favorite songs in a snap.

PUZZLE WRAPPING PAPER. Some gift-givers want their recipients to make efforts before receiving their gifts. You can also do it with QR Codes. Just link the QR Code to a digital puzzle game where the recipient needs to play before accessing the gift.

CHARITY WRAPPING PAPER. Talk about gift-giving with a cause. A charity wrapping paper will allow you to donate to a charity with each gift you wrap. You can link the QR Code to a donation page (qr-cloud.com actually has this feature), allowing the recipient to donate to your chosen charity.

CUSTOMIZABLE WRAPPING PAPER. Unleash your creative juices with DIY wrapper, and make it more immersive by adding QR Codes to the mix. You can make it look like a scrapbook where you can paste texts, images, clippings, dried flowers, and of course, QR stickers.

Safe Steps When Receiving QR Gifts

While receiving interactive gifts could be fun and engaging, it is important to consider our safety and privacy. Here are some tips to ensure that you are receiving your gifts safely:

CHECK THE QR CODE SOURCE. Are you the lucky recipient? Before scanning the QR Code on your gift, check if the source is legitimate and trusted. Some QR Codes can hold malicious contents, which lead to phishing scams, malware downloads, and other security threats.

USE A QR CODE SCANNER. Some phones have QR scanner features in their default camera apps. But to be safe, download a legitimate and trusted QR scanner and let it do the work. It will alert you if there are some security issues associated with the code.

CHECK THE SSL CERTIFICATION. After scanning the code, check if the app or the website  you are redirected to has SSL certification. This will ensure that your connection is secure and encrypted.

KEEP YOUR PERSONAL INFORMATION TO YOURSELF. Unless you are sure that the QR Code is safe, never provide any information that will threaten your privacy. This includes username, email, password, credit and debit card information, and other sensitive information.

MONITOR YOUR ACCOUNTS AND DEVICES. Always keep your bank accounts and credit card statements under constant check. Also, keep your devices (phones, computers) updated for protection against potential threats.


Giving presents warms a person’s heart, no matter the occasion or circumstance. Adding a personalized and interactive touch to the gift can make the recipient’s experience more memorable and special. If you’re looking for a way to make your recipients feel valued and loved, look no further! Try incorporating QR codes into your gift wrapping to add an extra layer of personalization in your presents.