QR Codes in clothing stores

QR Codes are everywhere nowadays. In restaurants, on billboards, on social media posts, on tuna cans – name it! As this simple yet versatile technology receives adoption and recognition in various industries, we can only expect to see more of them in the future.

For this article, let’s explore how you can revamp your business by integrating QR Codes in clothing stores. We’ll talk about how you can use these 2D barcodes in asset management, payment, display, and much more.

What are QR Codes?

QR Codes, short for quick response codes, are two-dimensional codes designed by Japanese company Denso Wave in 1994. They were first developed as an upgrade to the traditional UPC barcode, which was becoming limited for the needs of the automotive parts company.

A QR Code can hold different characters in such a small physical space. It can contain numbers, letters, symbol binaries, control codes, and even Kanji, hiragana and katakana. Scanning can be vertical or horizontal, compared to the traditional barcode which you can only scan in one direction. Moreover, high speed scanning allows you to read the contents of a QR Code in a matter of seconds. QR Codes also have error-correcting functions, making them resistant to some degree of stain or damage.

QR Code Models

The original QR Code (Model 1) can hold 1,167 digits. This is already a huge amount of data, especially when compared to UPC barcodes, which can only hold 12 digits. Later on, Model 2 would be developed, making QR Codes capable of holding a whopping 7,089 digits! When we talk about QR Codes today, we typically refer to Model 2.

Other than Model 1 and Model 2 QR Codes, we have Micro QR Code, SQRC, rMQR Code, and Frame QR. Each of these has its distinct characteristics and use. Micro QR Code is the smallest type, which can hold up to 17 characters and can be scanned only in one direction. I’ve personally seen them in formula milk packages and hold serial numbers. SQRC looks similar to Model 1 and 2, but has additional security features that make it suitable for managing personal information, in-house data and other details of confidential nature. I’ve seen them on vehicle registration plates and cannot be scanned by regular smartphone cameras. Another type of QR Code is rMQR, which is rectangular in shape, resembling a UPC barcode, and used for narrower areas. Finally, Frame QR has a canvas area that can hold an image. These are typically used for promotional and authenticity purposes.

How Can We Use QR Codes for Clothing Stores?

The easiest answer to this question is replacing traditional barcodes on your tags, which aids you in inventory as well as check out. Other ways you can use QR Codes for your apparel business is as follows:

To display product specifications

You can add QR Codes on your display shelves. These can contain information about the material, available sizes, and sustainability practices, such as fair trade, recycled, and others. Doing this minimizes the need for bigger tags that provide the same information. All your customers need to do is scan the QR Code on the display shelf to reveal the details about the product.

To receive payments

Another popular benefit of QR Codes is cashless and contactless payments. Your customers can send their payment to your account. This feature also provides security on the part of the seller, since the account cannot be stolen at the location.

Some countries are implementing a unified QR Code system, which allows you to pay through different payment channels. For example, the Philippines has QR Ph, dubbed as a “low-cost and safe method to pay, transfer to and receive funds from other banks and e-money accounts.” Through this system, the same QR Code will work in different payment channels, so customers don’t need to switch from one payment channel to another all the time.

To encourage customers to follow you on social media

If your clothing store has social media – which you should have – you can promote this using QR Codes. Download the QR Code that links users to your social media page and incorporate it on your receipt or packaging. Many stores are already doing this, making it so much easier to encourage customers to connect with them.

A URL QR Code is very easy to set up. Let’s have a short tutorial on how you can make one for your clothing store’s Facebook page using QR Cloud marketing suite.

How to Create a URL QR Code on QR Cloud

  1. Copy the URL of your Facebook page.
  2. On the QR Code generator, choose the URL from the dropdown list under the type of QR Code you want to create. (In QR Cloud, this is “QR type.”)
  3. Paste the URL on the URL box.
  4. Customize the appearance of your QR Code to fit your aesthetic. (I personally love using dots and inserting the logo in the middle of the QR Code for added authenticity measure.)
  5. Perform a test scan to ensure your code works.
  6. Once you’re satisfied, download the QR Code and start integrating it on your packaging or other printed collateral. Make sure to add a frame and a call to action.

In addition to social media, you can also follow this method to lead your customers to your online store, mobile application, or customer feedback form.

To Direct Customers to Your Customer Service

Finally, make it easier for customers to reach you by directing them to your instant messaging platform or SMS phone number. Make it more convenient for your loyal customers to contact you. Remember, customer service is the heart of every business. If you want your clothing business to succeed, make sure to invest in great customer service. Making it easy for customers to reach you is a huge part of that.

Bottom Line

QR Codes can be used in clothing stores in different ways: inventory purposes, displaying product specification, payments, connecting to social media, and customer service. Finding the best QR Code provider that suits your needs is the first step to modernizing your clothing business. QR Cloud is an easy-to-use and feature-packed QR Code generator that will help you generate beautiful QR Codes that are editable and trackable, too.

If you wish to try whether or not QR Cloud is the perfect solution for your clothing business, sign up to our pro plan and get your first 7 days for free.