qr codes for bakeries

QR Codes are becoming increasingly essential in our daily lives. Everywhere you look, you will most likely see one product or service that utilizes this simple yet powerful tool. Bakeshops have also sprung left and right, and they can benefit from using QR Codes, too. In this article, let’s have a comprehensive overview of how you can utilize QR Codes for bakeries.

What are QR Codes?

QR Codes are 2-dimensional barcodes that can contain a huge amount of data in various formats. Originally developed by Japanese company Denso Wave as an upgrade to the traditional barcode, they can be used in inventory management, payments, and advertising. To read the contents of QR Codes, you only need a smartphone that has a QR Code reader, either on its native camera or a mobile application.

Why You Should QR Codes for Bakeries

QR Codes have numerous benefits for businesses. First, they can link your customers straight to your web page or social media page, driving traffic and increasing your visibility.

Second, QR Codes are easy to make. All you need is a device (smartphone, tablet or computer) with Internet access and a QR Code generator of your choice.

Third, QR Codes are easy to scan. Your customers don’t need a special device to read the contents of your QR Code. They can simply use their smartphone’s camera or a mobile application to access its contents.

Fourth, QR Codes can save you some money from printing costs. Because of the large amount and variety of formats you can encode in it, you can minimize the text on your printed collateral or packaging.

Fifth, dynamic QR Codes can give you insights on your customer base and purchasing patterns. The data analytics provided by dynamic QR Codes can guide you when measuring the success of your marketing campaigns or making changes to your current marketing strategy.

The Best Ways to Use QR Codes for Bakeries

Here are some incredible ideas on how you can integrate QR Codes into your business.

QR Codes for the Ingredient List

Empower your customers with transparency in the ingredients you use. This is important especially for people who have dietary restrictions like dairy or gluten intolerance. Recommended QR Type: Text

QR Codes for Nutrition Information

As we become conscious about our health, nutrition labels have become more essential. Make it even easier for your customers by encoding the nutrition information on Fitness Pal or Cronometer and linking it through a QR Code. Recommended QR Type: Text or URL

QR Codes for Storage and Reheating Instructions

Inform your customers about how to prolong the shelf life of your breads and pastries and how to best enjoy them at home. Recommended QR Type: Text, URL or PDF

QR Codes for Loyalty Programs

Rewarding your loyal customers is a great way to show your appreciation for their support. Give them a loyalty card with a scannable QR Code that tracks their purchases or gives them discounts. Recommended QR Type: Text (for customer number) or URL.

QR Codes for Payment

Offer QR Code as an alternative mode of payment when they go to your store. Specific to bank or payment channels.

QR Codes for a Social Media Page

Let your customers easily find you on social media without having to scroll through different social accounts. Recommended QR Type: URL

QR Codes for Online Orders

Link your store on a food delivery app or on an instant messaging app so your customers can easily find you and place orders. Recommended QR Type: URL

QR Codes for Customer Reviews

Link your customers straight to your page on review sites. Recommended QR Type: URL

QR Codes for Catalog

Link a web page or upload a PDF file of your updated list of products for their reference. Recommended QR Type: URL or PDF

How to Create Awesome QR Codes for Bakeries

  1. Choose the right QR Code generator for your business needs. QR Cloud is a QR Code marketing suite that lets you make dynamic QR Codes at a minimal subscription cost.
  2. Choose the type of QR Code you want to create.
  3. Encode the needed information.
  4. Perform a test scan to ensure that your QR Code works.
  5. Download and integrate in your advertisements. Add a call-to-action so your customers know what to expect when they scan your QR Code.


QR Codes have numerous advantages for bakeries. They can link your customers to your web page or social media, save you money from printing costs, and give you insights on the success of your marketing campaigns. You can use QR Codes to inform your customers with ingredients, nutritional information, and storage instructions. You can also use QR Codes for promos, payment, online orders, soliciting feedback, and uploading your product catalog. Ultimately, bakeries can find a lot of uses for these powerful tools. Thankfully, they are now easy to make with the different QR Code generator options available.