QR Codes for Jewelry Stores

Today, we witness more and more businesses and organizations integrating QR Codes in their marketing efforts and operations. Different industries are finding these versatile, two-dimensional companies to have incredible benefits. Jewelry stores have no reason to hop in this trend. In this article, we’ll walk you through how to leverage the incredible power of QR Codes for jewelry stores.

How to Use QR Codes for Jewelry Stores

There are different ways how jewelry stores can utilize the power of QR Codes in their day-to-day operations as well as promotions. Here are some of these:

Certificate of Authenticity

Jewelry is one of the products most susceptible to forgery. Authenticity is a critical element in a jewelry business. A certificate of authenticity gives peace of mind to the buyer, ensuring them that what they bought is not fake.

Product Descriptions on Printed Catalog

If you’ve been around long enough, you might remember when product catalogs were still a thing. Usually, these are booklets that have pictures of products sold by a merchant, along with their detailed descriptions. Printing these catalogs are costly, especially since they are usually colored in high quality to ensure that the products are alluring to the eyes of the customers.

You can use QR Codes on your product catalogs to cut printing costs. Put the detailed descriptions or additional information inside the QR Code alongside the picture of the product. For example, if you have sustainable practices that you would want your customers to know but will not fit in the allowed pages or overall design of your catalog, you can add a QR Code instead.

Online Catalog or Website

One of the easiest ways to use QR Codes is linking users to your website or social media account. Make it easier for your customers to find available jewelry, or get updated on upcoming collections. Increase your follower count on your social media or drive traffic to your website. More importantly, this is an awesome way to engage and connect with fellow jewelry lovers!

Membership Card for Loyal Customers

Loyalty programs are an effective way to gain return customers. If your jewelry store has a membership card, you can use a QR Code that includes their details (similar to a virtual business card) or their membership number. Scanning this at entry or checkout will let your staff know that this is a VIP customer. You can also use this as a promotional tool if instead of an ID, scanning the QR Code will show available discounts.

If the contents of your QR Code will change through time, it will be good to use dynamic QR Codes. You can use these dynamic QR Codes to upload digital discount coupons.

Learn more about dynamic QR Codes in this article.


Finally, use QR Codes as a safe and secure way to receive payments in your store. You just need an account with a payment channel, post your QR Code at the cashier, and receive payments straight to your account. We think this is safer because there’s no cash and the digital paper trail is intact.

Best Practices for Creating QR Codes for Jewelry Stores

If you want to start using QR Codes in your jewelry store, here are some things that can help your campaign succeed:

  1. Add your store’s logo to increase trustworthiness.
  2. You may also change the colors of your QR Code so it reflects the overall aesthetic of your brand.
  3. Have a call-to-action alongside your QR Code so your customers know exactly what to expect when they scan it.
  4. If using a paid QR Code service, make sure that only trustworthy personnel have access to your login credentials. This minimizes the risk for unauthorized redirects to your URLs and changes to the contents of your QR Code.
  5. Make sure that you have WiFi connection in your store so your staff and customers can use your QR Codes.
  6. Finally, it is a good idea to have other options aside from solely relying on QR Codes. For example, your customers can also request the hardcopy of the certificate of authenticity (for free or for a fee). This way, the information is still available even when there’s no electricity.

Overall, QR Codes are a great way to promote and conduct different processes in jewelry stores. You can use them to save money from printing and make payments and other transactions faster. Put them around your store, on your packaging, or on your receipt and start engaging with your customers even after they leave the store.

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