QR Codes in dental services

Wondering how you can maximize the benefits of QR Codes in dental services? Look no further because in this article, we’ll share different ways you can integrate this simple and versatile technology for marketing, networking and day-to-day operations.

What are QR Codes?

QR Codes are two-dimensional square matrices invented as an upgrade to traditional barcodes. They can contain over 7,000 characters, images, audio, documents, and URLs that are easily accessible by scanning with a smartphone camera or a QR Code reader application. Many marketers today are finding new ways to adopt QR Codes in the promotion of their goods and services. In addition, they can be used to seamlessly and safely transfer money or cryptocurrency assets, connect users to WiFi and any web page, 

What are the benefits of QR Codes? Aside from the large amount and varying formats of information that it can contain, a QR Code is easy and cheap to create. In fact, you can make static (permanent and non-editable) codes for free on most QR Code generators. Subscription to paid QR Code generators like QR Cloud allow you to create editable and trackable codes, called dynamic QR Codes, also comes at a minimal cost.

QR Codes can save you money from printing costs. Instead of printing multiple pages of brochures, flyers, and catalogs, for instance, you can simply direct your customers to a URL, share a digital file, or add other details which can’t fit in the limited space of a printed material.

QR Codes also minimize human error when it comes to typing phone numbers, email addresses or URLs. As we all know, a single mistyped letter, number or character can lead nowhere or to a completely different web page, wasting our customers’ time and efforts. They can also be lost through different pages with similar names on social media. Let your customers know that you value their time and patronage by making connecting with you easier and faster.

These are just a few of the benefits of QR Codes. Now, let’s talk about how your dental services can use QR Codes to their maximum advantage.

How to Use QR Codes in Dental Services

Set appointments

Setting appointments is now faster with QR Codes. Create a code that directs your customers straight to your instant messaging account, SMS phone number, online contact form, or online calendar in just a scan and a few clicks.

Dental hygiene videos

Whether you have your own YouTube channel or have simply curated your favorite videos on a playlist, you can create a QR Code that links your young customers to dental hygiene videos. Encourage them to watch videos on the importance of brushing and flossing their teeth and eating foods that are good for their teeth and gums, or find them a nice song that will accompany their tooth brushing routine.

Store individual patients’ dental records

You can also create individual folders for your patients on Cloud and store digital copies of their dental records there.

Here’s something unique: Why not issue ID cards with their private QR Code for your patients? Scanning this QR Cloud will lead them to the exact online folder where they can view and download their dental records. This way, you save precious space in your clinic and your customers can view their records and check their schedules anytime and anywhere. Make this even more secure by adding a password when you subscribe to a service like QR Cloud.

Accept payments

Receiving payments for your services is also made more convenient and secure with QR Code. Your staff no longer need to handle cash or cards, making the process safer, health-wise.

Share your contact details to colleagues and clients

Finally, you can create a scannable business card that instantly saves your contact details on the phone upon scanning. Carry your virtual business card on your phone or print it on your traditional business cards to distribute to your colleagues during conferences or to potential clients. Services like QR Cloud allow you to create a dynamic vCard that you can use over and over again even if you need to change your details. If you want to try our dynamic vCard feature, sign up with your email address and get your first 7 days for free.


Dental services can leverage the versatility of QR Codes in promoting their services, engaging with their customers and in conducting their daily operations. Dentists can also use them to expand their network and teach their customers about dental health even outside office hours. Thankfully, QR Codes are very easy to create nowadays. QR Code generators like QR Cloud can help you seamlessly integrate this simple yet versatile technology into your dental practice. Through convenience and taking this extra effort, you can give your customers another reason to flash that healthy smile.