qr codes in hotels

Whether you’re checking in for a vacation or a business trip, it’s now hard to find a hotel that isn’t integrating QR Codes in its operations or promotions. In this article, let’s discuss using QR Codes in hotels and how this “trendy” technology is changing the hospitality industry forever.

How to Use QR Codes in hotels

QR Code for WiFi

The first thing many people look for upon arriving at their hotel room is Wi-Fi access. Let your guests automatically connect to their room Wi-Fi using a QR Code. This minimizes the need to provide strips of paper to guests or for hotel staff to manually encode the password onto the guests’ phone, effectively minimizing contact.

For a step-by-step tutorial on how to set up your Wi-Fi QR Codes (two ways!), click this previous article.

QR Code for Video Tutorials on Use of Different Amenities

If your hotel has modern amenities and facilities, you would love to use QR Codes to direct your guests to video tutorials (or even text-based instructions) on how to use them. How do I change the key to the safe? How do I operate the heater? Or how do I make the jacuzzi work? A QR Code that leads to a short YouTube video can help you with that.

You can curate readily available YouTube tutorials. Better yet, you can hire a team to make a series of videos specifically for your campaign and the exact amenities and features you have.

Helping your guests figure out how to use these new fixtures and add-ons in the room can minimize their need to call the front desk all the time. This way, your front desk staff will be able to attend to more important and urgent matters.

QR Code for Room Service Menu

QR Code menus are now a fixture in many restaurants, and your hotel’s room service shouldn’t be left behind. Create a QR Code menu which either leads to your website, a landing page where they can place an order, or a PDF version of your physical menu.

Of course, there will be guests who still prefer physical menus. So, it is wise to have a physical menu alongside the QR Code menu.

QR Code for Discounts in Restaurant

You can also post a dynamic QR Code outside the restaurant for guests to scan and get a discount coupon or code. Discounts for staying guests are great to encourage customers to patronize your in-house bar or restaurant.

But of course, discounts that are not really discounts are a bummer. Make sure that your guests feel that taking the time to scan your QR Code at the restaurant is actually a catch by not offering generic discounts that are available anytime for everyone. If you subscribe to a service like QR Cloud, this is easily solved by creating a QR Link that you can change the content, enable at certain times, or redirect users to a “Thank You” page. This way, your guests will actually look forward to scanning your promo.

QR Code for Driving Website Traffic

Many major hotels nowadays have their own websites. (Smaller ones would have social media pages.) Get your guests to know more about your hotel. Let them discover your history, amenities, stores and restaurants by posting QR Codes that lead to your website in the waiting area or in the room.

QR Code for Payments

QR Codes have played a major role in the rise of cashless and cardless – thereby contactless – payments in recent years. Although the pandemic has ended, many have become accustomed and more comfortable with contactless payments and prefer to send their payments via their mobile phone.

Set up accounts for your hotel on widely used payment channels. You can also create a text QR Code that contains the account number (or cryptocurrency wallet, if your hotel accepts crypto assets as payment) for customers who prefer to bank (or crypto) transfer. Most banking apps today have built-in QR Code scanners. So, this makes typing your account number easier and less prone to typographical errors. (You wouldn’t want your customer to send the payment to another account!)

QR Code for Customer Reviews

Alongside stellar customer service, stellar customer reviews are the key for new customers to find your hotel. Encourage your guests to share their experiences during their stay by providing a QR Code that directs them to a review website. You can place the QR Code on the receipt or a thank you card upon check-out. This makes your guests feel that you are confident that you have given them an exceptional experience.

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