QR Codes for Vending and Retail Kiosks

Technology has made our work easier. Many things have become automated already, like vending machines and retail kiosks. These are self-service machines that enable us to buy items and pay them even without the help of a cashier. All we need to do is insert a coin with an exact amount and we can already enjoy food, refreshments, and even clothes. Imagine how effortless it would be!

But what if you don’t have coins? It would be a hassle to look for a store, a bank, or a cashier to exchange a bill for a coin, right? And that’s where QR Code payments can help. Imagine if all you have at the moment is an e-wallet. Just scan a QR Code in a vending machine or retail kiosk and you can already make your payments easy and hassle-free.

Before we go deeper into the topic, allow us to explain what QR Code is, how it came about, and how it works.

Brief Overview of QR Codes

QR Code, simple term for Quick Response Code, is a kind of code that can hold up to more than 7,000 characters. It appears in the form of a square with black and white lines. In its corners are little squares which can be scanned to access information or make transactions. Nowadays, it can appear with a logo and in different colors, shapes, designs, and sizes.

The brain behind the QR Code is Denso Wave Engineer Masahiro Hara. Together with a fellow worker, he developed the code to manage the tracking of their product’s inventory. Only a limited amount of information can be stored in a standard barcode, so the need to create a code that can be scanned from multiple dimensions arose. The QR Code started to be used in 1994.

Benefits of using QR codes

Contactless Payments

The good thing about QR Codes is that they enable us to pay without touching surfaces. This is helpful when we are protecting ourselves from contracting viruses such as COVID-19 and its rising variants, as this will prevent them from spreading.

Quick and Easy Transaction

Imagine the ease of not having to wait in long queues or getting our hands tired from filling in forms or squeezing into our tight pockets to get money. With only a scan, we’ll only enter an exact amount of money, click a few buttons, and we’re done!

Gaining, Engaging, and Maintaining Customers

The power of QR Codes to immerse users in a variety of activities will help gain and maintain customers. Getting information, browsing through landing pages, paying, feedback-giving, rating, reviewing, recommending, and other transactions can be done in just one scan.

Setting up QR codes in vending machines and retail stands

Planning to use QR Codes for your vending machines or retail kiosks? Before we think of integrating QR Codes into our vending machines and retail kiosks, it is important to understand how to prepare for it, what are the things to do to get started, and the like. 

Starter Pack

The first thing you need to do when you want to set up QR Codes is to learn how to create one. Generating QR Codes does not require a special gadget and skill. If you can operate a computer and navigate the internet, then definitely, you can easily learn how to create your own.

If you are looking for a reliable website for your QR needs, then look no further! Qr-cloud.com can help you generate the suitable code for your vending machines or retail kiosks! Here’s how you can get started:

  • Decide on the type of QR that you will create.
  • Come up with an easy-to-follow call to action.
  • Visit qr-cloud.com, access your account, and go to the dashboard.
  • Choose a QR-looking icon and click “Create QR.”
  • Rename your QR Code.
  • Choose the QR type (if you’re looking for a QR Code for payment, there are options for paypal and cryptocurrency available there).
  • Customize your QR Code. You can play with the colors, add logos, but always make sure to stick to the basics (that is, background color is lighter than foreground color) to ensure functionality.
  • Give your QR Code a test scan to see if it works or if it still needs to be changed.
  • Post your QR Codes in places where it can easily drive traffic.

Teaching employees to use QR codes

Do you want to find out if your QR Code campaign is really effective? The next thing you need to do is to teach your employees to use it. Just like your potential customers, your employees need to understand the following things:

  • The QR Code, its history, its nature, and its features
  • How to create QR Codes
  • The difference between static and dynamic QR Codes
  • What applications to use for scanning QR Codes
  • How to scan QR Codes
  • Where to publish or post these codes
  • How to track or measure the success of the QR Code campaign

Knowing about QR Codes will help your employees provide services to your customers, particularly those who need help in scanning them.

Examples of businesses using QR codes

Many of the companies today are using QR Codes to sell their products. They have integrated QR Codes in their vending machines so that all a customer has to do is to scan and pay using their mobile phones. Among these companies include:

  • Coca-cola
  • PepsiCo
  • Nestle
  • McDonald’s
  • Nestle-Purina
  • 7-Eleven
  • Starbucks

Integrating QR codes into their marketing campaigns enabled them to reach out to more customers by keeping them informed and engaged.


QR Codes offer a lot of benefits both for businesses and consumers: seamless transactions, interactive and immersive experiences, ease of access, and more. And this technology is likely to soar for many years to come. Including QR Codes in your vending machines and retail kiosks will not only ensure quick and easy ways for your customers to pay their purchased items, but make sure that they are increasingly aware of your business and your products.