QR Codes on TV

In this blog, let’s discuss the different ways you can integrate QR Codes on TV shows and programs.

Every day, we are witnessing how QR Codes are becoming more mainstream. Businesses, offices, and organizations for a variety of purposes started using them extensively.

Even television is not getting left behind. We are starting to see QR Codes during TV programs, whether in news broadcasts or series. If you are not yet convinced that you need QR Codes for your program, this article will surely change your mind.

What are QR Codes?

QR Codes are two-dimensional barcodes that can contain a huge amount of information in various formats as well as automate different tasks. Industries use them to replace or supplement traditional UPC barcodes while marketers use them to promote their websites, online stores, social media pages, and more.

Aside from the versatility in the amount and type of data you can encode in them, QR Codes have seen an increase in popularity due to ease of use. Aside from equipment specifically designed to read QR Codes, modern smartphones can now automatically read QR Codes using their native cameras. For older models and operating systems, there are a number of secure QR Code scanners available on app marketplaces.

Because the contents of QR Codes can be accessed literally at the palm of your hand, businesses began using them to bring their marketing messages to consumers. With just a scan, you can watch their video advertisement, buy the featured product from their online store, and play music without typing the URL. These last few years, QR Codes have been used for a wide array of applications, and the end is nowhere near in sight.

What are QR Codes on TV For?

You might have seen QR Codes in restaurants, stores, or product packaging. But have you seen them on TV screens?

That’s right. Some television shows and networks are also integrating this technology into bringing more content and encouraging more interaction from their audience.

Here are some reasons you can see QR Codes on TV nowadays:

Get Viewers’ Real-time Opinion

When SMS and the internet became prevalent, getting viewers’ opinion during a program or show started becoming easier. Broadcasts started encouraging people to send texts and emails to share their views about the show or topic.

QR Codes and smartphones make this even easier and faster. By scanning the QR Code on the screen, you can lead your users to a pre-made poll or a fillable form. Here, they can express their opinions at the same time the show airs, and you can engage with your viewers in real-time.

Introduce Guests and Series Characters

Another innovative way to integrate QR Codes for your TV programs is by using them to introduce interview guests or series characters. You can link it to a one-page resume or a video resume. This way, your viewers get to know your guests or characters, and also have an immersive and active participation in your program.

Read More News

Most of the time, the time a broadcast spends on delivering news is limited to a few minutes. QR Codes can be useful in directing your viewers to read the full story on your website (if you have one). You can also use a QR Code that links viewers to see similar news on your site.

Encourage Viewers to Download Your App or Follow You on Social Media

One more creative reason to use QR Code during airing is to encourage viewers to download your mobile application or follow your social accounts. This way, they don’t have to look up your app through the app marketplace or type your download page URL. You save the time of your viewers by making it easier for them to find you online.

Your hosts can also mention downloading your app or following your social media pages by scanning the QR Code showing on the screen.

However, it’s important to note that you must use only one QR Code at a time so you don’t confuse your viewers. Choose whether you want them to download the app or follow a specific social page. Alternatively, you can have a QR Page that allows you to have a QR Code that leads to a page that has links to your various online pages.

For a more detailed description of using QR Pages with multiple links, read our article here.

Solicit Donations

Finally, most media companies have a foundation or non-profit as part of their corporate social responsibility. To encourage viewers to send in their donations and help you finance your causes, you can add a QR Code that links to your PayPal or a landing page that lists different account details.

In addition, if you use Dynamic QR Codes for your TV program, you will be provided insights on the scans, as well as the location, device,  and operating system of your audience.

How Do You Create QR Codes on TV?

Creating a QR Code is easy on QR Cloud. Here’s how:

  1. Sign up to one of our paid plans here.
  2. On your dashboard, find the menu (at the upper right corner) and navigate to the QR Code Generator. This will allow you to create a static QR Code.
  3. Input the details to be encoded into your QR Code, such as the URL of your landing page.
  4. Customize the appearance of your QR Code as necessary.
  5. Perform a test scan to see that the QR Code works as intended and leads to the right web page.
  6. Click the “Create” button and download your QR Code in the appropriate format.

Now that you have learned how easy it is to create a QR Code you can flash during broadcast, make sure to include a clear call-to-action (Scan To Read the Story, Scan to Donate). This way, your viewers know exactly what the QR Code leads them.

Bottom Line

Television should try to innovate and be creative in their programming and engaging with their user base. They are in competition with online channels and platforms that make it easier to interact with audiences.

QR Codes can be a great tool that bridges the gap between traditional TV and the internet. By directing audiences to your online presence, you can have a way to let your viewers become active rather than passive participants in your program.

If you want to experience the different ways you can use QR Codes for TV, sign up with QR Cloud and get your first 7 days for free!