qr codes for supermarkets

Is it just us, or are we really seeing QR Codes everywhere these days? It seems there’s no stopping these versatile squares from becoming a fixture in businesses. Restaurants, retail stores, book stores, and others are successfully implementing QR Codes in their marketing campaigns. We now even see QR Codes in supermarkets nowadays.

If you’re working in marketing, here are some ideas about how you can use QR Codes in supermarkets. There are so many different ways you can use QR Codes. Don’t get left behind and start integrating this technology into your marketing campaigns.

Safety Check

During the height of the pandemic, health and safety were a massive concern that governments around the world imposed contact tracing. We found ourselves creating accounts on various contact tracing applications, which we had to present each time we entered establishments and crossed boundaries.

In the Philippines, for example, there was an app called “Stay Safe,” which was used in all government and business establishments. Individuals were supposed to update their health conditions on a daily basis. People were not required to create Stay Safe accounts, however, it was highly encouraged to speed up the process of providing their details for contact tracing purposes. In addition, some local governments required visitors to create QR Codes, which were scanned before being allowed to enter the province or city.

Thankfully, strictness has waned as conditions started to improve around the world. Now, contract tracing has become voluntary in most countries.

Still, some supermarkets still encourage their customers to voluntarily scan a QR Code for contact tracing by setting up posters at the entrance. Even though it seems that this is merely to comply with government regulations, some people still find it reassuring that businesses are still looking out for their safety.

Customer Feedback

Customer feedback is also a popular use for QR Codes in supermarkets. For starters, set up an online customer feedback form either on Google, Office, Jotform, or other platforms. Next, you create a QR Code that links your customers to the form. You can post this on the cashier stations, near exits, on your paper bags, or receipts.

Using QR Codes instead of printed forms to gather customer feedback can save you money and time.


QR Code payments is probably one of the first ways many customers got introduced to this technology. Finally, there is a way to pay without exchanging cash or card. You can use only the exact device you carry with you all the time.

There are two ways to use QR Codes when paying. First, by customers scanning the store’s QR Code on the appropriate payment mobile app. Second, by the store scanning the customer’s QR Code. Whichever method your business uses, you’re sure to make processing payments easier using QR Code.

Membership Registration

Does your supermarket have a membership program for your loyal customers? This is a great opportunity for you to engage with your customers and give them important perks. Members also get the first dibs on promos and discounts, as well as get information on new products before anyone else.

To set up your membership registration, first create an online form. Copy the URL and paste on the QR Code generator to generate your QR Code. You can now print and post this QR Code around the building, on packaging, and receipts.

If you want a step-by-step tutorial on how you can create a registration form using QR Codes, QR Cloud has written a great article you can check out.


Similar to membership registration, you can create a Viber group where your loyal patrons can get exclusive discounts and promos, and first details on happenings and events.

Creating a Viber QR Code on QR Cloud is easy. All you have to do is copy and paste the direct link of your Viber account onto the URL field.

When your customers scan your QR Code, they can join your Viber group in an instant!

Mobile Application Download

Does your supermarket have a mobile application? Well, we think you should have! It’s a great way for your customers to know your story, shop, and contact customer service, all in one place!

You can integrate this QR Code into your signage, packaging, receipts, and social media posts.

Did you know that you can create a single QR Code that directs your customers to the appropriate mobile app marketplace? If you want to read about that, click this link to check out our article on that.


Of course, all of these efforts to use QR Codes in supermarkets are of no use without Internet connection. Some supermarkets require their visitors to sign in to the Wi-Fi network with their names and mobile numbers. Undoubtedly, some would be wary of further disseminating their personal data to prevent scam messages.

Instead, you can make connecting to the supermarket’s Wi-Fi easier and faster by posting Wi-Fi QR Codes in conspicuous places. Scanning the code automatically connects visitors to the Wi-Fi without the need to find the network name and type in a password.

If you want to know more about setting up your Wi-Fi QR Code, we have included a detailed tutorial in this article.

Bottom Line

Well, that’s it! We’ve listed some great uses of QR Codes for supermarkets. QR Cloud is a reliable, easy-to-use, and fully customizable QR Code Marketing Suite that allows you to create QR Codes and so much more for an affordable price. If you want to know how QR Code can help you in your QR Code campaigns, join us or email admin@qrcodes.at now!