qr codes house cleaning services

House cleaning can be a good business opportunity, especially within communities where homeowners generally have busy schedules. If you wish to start your house cleaning business soon, integrating QR Codes is an excellent way to reach your customer base and modernize the way you conduct your operations. In this article, we’ll discuss different ways to utilize QR Codes for house cleaning services.

What are QR Codes?

QR Codes are initially square-shaped barcodes developed by Japanese automotive parts manufacturer Denso Wave in 1994. They were invented as a response to the limitations of the traditional UPC barcodes in terms of their inventory needs.

Later on, QR Codes would become an integral marketing tool for the biggest brands all around the world. Due to their integration into mobile phone cameras, they rose in popularity and are now used by many businesses in marketing and administrative operations.

6 Ways to Integrate QR Codes in House Cleaning Services

Include in your business card.

The easiest way to incorporate QR Codes into any business is by using it as your business card. It can be a standalone virtual business card, or something integrated into a traditional business card. This way, your customers can simply scan your QR Code to save your business contact information into their smartphone contacts.

In addition, if you have employees or business partners, you can also create individual Vcards for them.

Lead customers to your scheduling and booking form.

Another way QR Codes can help with your business is by leading your clients straight to your scheduling and booking form online. This can be on an online form on your website or straight to your instant messaging account.

Add employee information on your staff’s ID.

As the owner of a cleaning business, it is your responsibility to help your clients be at peace with the people they let in their homes. Give your clients peace of mind by learning about the cleaner sent to their home with an ID that includes pertinent information.

Give your clients a fast way to contact you for complaints.

QR Codes are also a great way for your clients to easily reach you in case they have complaints or questions about your services. QR Codes can send them straight to your instant messaging account, SMS, phone number, or email address.

Upload free exclusive content and cleaning tips.

As a value added service, you can provide your existing clients with free monthly newsletters uploaded onto a QR Code. These can include updates on your services and rates, as well as free tips on how they can keep their homes clean.

To do this, why don’t you try making a dynamic File Link on QR Cloud? This is a QR Code where you can upload documents, audio, or images, which you can change anytime you want. Sign up with QR Cloud to get your first 7 days for free!

Receive payments.

Finally, you can receive payments by sending your payment channel wallet QR Code to your clients. Payment via QR Code was popularized during the pandemic, being a cashless and contactless option to send money. It is even more convenient for your clients, since they don’t have to manually type your account information. This makes the payment process more secure for both pf you.

Encourage your customers to send reviews online.

Finally, allow your customers to quickly find you on review accounts. This way, they don’t have to scroll through many pages and accounts to leave  their reviews. You can also direct other potential clients to read your reviews, helping them decide if they want to avail of your services.

How to Create QR Codes for House Cleaning Services

Nowadays, it’s very easy to create QR Codes as there are a number of good QR Code generators out there. For your static QR Code needs, there are plenty of free generators you can choose from.

For your more complex, such as the need for reusable and trackables, a reliable dynamic QR Code generator subscription might just be what you need. One such generator is QR Cloud, which not only allows you to make beautiful and fully customizable QR Codes. It also gives you incredible features like Dynamic Links, QR Pages, URL shortener, and unlimited access to insights.

If you’re already signed up with QR Cloud, you know that making static QR Codes is super easy:

  1. Go to the QR Code generator.
  2. Select the type of QR Code you want to make.
  3. Encode the needed details.
  4. If you want, customize the QR Code according to your brand.
  5. Perform a test scan.
  6. Download the QR Code in the appropriate format.


QR Codes have manu benefits for house cleaning services. They can be used as a business card, for booking and scheduling, as an ID, as a fast way to connect, upload cleaning tips, receive payment, and encourage feedback from clients, among others. QR Codes are now very easy to make, and QR Cloud is a reliable QR Code generator that can help you with your dynamic business needs. If you want to learn more about QR Cloud and try if it’s the perfect solution for you, sign up and get your first seven days for free.