Sports QR Code

Much has been said about the revolutionary technology of QR Codes. Initially created for inventory tracking, QR Codes have now become an invaluable tool for advertisers. It can be used to store information about a product, create photo galleries, streamline payments and other transactions, store maps and coordinates, ticketing, buying and selling, and much more. It is no wonder that a wide range of industries are now using QR Codes in their marketing campaigns. Sports is no exception. If you are a sports enthusiast, or if you have a passion for selling sports attire and equipment, you can use QR Codes to your advantage.

Understanding sports QR code technology and its uses in marketing

QR Code is a shortened term for Quick Response Codes. This two-dimensional barcode appears in the form of little squares, with black and white tiny shapes that may look like dots, lines, or little squares. It can store up to more than 7,000 characters, and the information it holds is accessible by using a smartphone and a functioning QR scanner.

This revolutionary technology initially aimed to facilitate information storage, particularly in managing inventories.

According to an article in, Denso Wave chief engineer, Masahiro Hara, explained that the idea of QR Codes was conceptualized because the company’s employees experienced strain in storing information in standard barcodes.

“Employees got tired of having to scan boxes multiple times, and this led us to come up with a code that would enable a large volume of information to be conveyed in a single scan,” Hara said.

The advantage of QR Codes in sports marketing is just the same as any other marketing. It increases brand awareness, drives sales, provides engaging experiences for both customers and sports fans, and more.

Why Sports Industry should Shift to QR Code Marketing

Here are some of the reasons QR Codes will be advantageous for the sports industry.

Enhance Fan Experience

QR Codes can give fans a variety of unique and engaging experiences. They can go on virtual tours of the stadium and learn its history, facts, and figures; join trivia games, gain access to exclusive behind-the-scenes footage and interviews with players or coaches; and purchase merchandise using their smartphones, tablets, and laptops.

QR Codes for Athletes

The athletes themselves can also benefit from QR Codes. These can make them promote their personal brands in a convenient and efficient way. They can also share their information, engage with their fans, and monetize their merchandise, content, and the like.

Case studies of successful QR code advertising in the sports industry


A lot of case studies focusing on the success of QR Code advertising in the sports industry have been conducted. A great example of this is the Miami Heat, a professional basketball team in the NBA. They used QR Codes to create an interactive game for fans. In only a scan, the fans can access a mobile game that enables them to guess how the actual play will turn out and win prizes. QR Code helped a lot in successfully promoting the brand.


New York Yankees, a professional baseball team, also used QR Codes to give their fans a virtual tour of their stadium. They have placed QR Codes in various locations throughout their stadium, which provide a variety of content for the consumption of the fans. It was a success, because not only were they able to promote the team’s brand, but they have also made fans’ experiences educational and interactive.

Contactless Transactions

And just recently, several sports teams and venues have shifted to contactless ticketing and entry with QR Codes to prevent the fans from contracting the COVID-19 virus. This helped them reduce the risk of spreading the virus and streamlining transactions such as booking tickets or making payments and others.

Best Practices in Creating Sports QR Codes for Marketing

A Clear Aim

What are you trying to achieve with your QR Code campaign? Are you planning to engage your fans, boost ticket sales, or promote your brand? Be sure to make your objectives clear.

A Sound Game Plan

When you use QR Codes for sports marketing, you have to detail your strategy. Make a clear outline of how you will use QR Codes in attaining your objectives. Include the type of QR Codes that you will use, your content, and the platforms where you can promote your brand.

Visual Appeal and Functionality

A unique and visually appealing design is a must for your QR Codes to work. To ensure that it fully functions, stick to the basics. If you are looking for a reliable website for your QR needs, is the best place for you. To make your code more personalized, include a logo. Remember to give it a scan after playing with the design to ensure that it is functioning properly.

Various Channels

When you promote your campaigns, the best way is to use as many platforms as possible. You can place your QR Codes in billboards, videos, social media posts, email, spaces in newspapers, or even arena advertisements.

Progress Tracking

Statistics and analytics are essential in decision making, especially in sports marketing. To track your progress and make data-driven decisions, use a dynamic QR Code that is trackable and can be updated. By gathering information from the analytics, you can determine the necessary course of action to improve your campaign strategy.

Simplicity is Beauty

Consumers nowadays want everything simple. It includes the appearance of the QR Codes, the calls to action, and the landing pages. It is advisable to avoid too much text or images because it will be confusing and difficult for the customers to complete the desired task.

Optimization for Easy Access

When you create a landing page, make sure that it can adjust to any kind of mobile device. This will make information access easier for your customers.

Offer Incentives

Offering rewards to your customers or fans through your QR Codes can be a great way to get them excited about your brand. This could include things like discounts, freebies, or special access to exclusive content. By giving them a little something extra, they will be more likely to scan your QR code and interact with your brand.

Consistency is Key

For your consumers to remember your brand, make sure that the design and other things about your QR Code campaign are the same in every marketing effort.


The sports industry is really tough and always changing. But using QR codes can make it even better. QR codes can be used to make the experience of being a fan of a sports team or event more fun and interactive. By using QR codes, sports teams and organizations can give fans exclusive content, make it easy to buy tickets or merchandise, and make it more engaging overall. If you’re someone who works in sports marketing and wants to make a difference, using QR codes is a great way to do it.