qr code for gyms

Remember in 2020 when everyone wanted a quarantine glow up? Because of the pandemic, gym regulars had to turn their homes into places for working out. With the rise of home gyms and athleisure, the fitness industry changed forever.

One other thing that the pandemic changed forever is the popularity of QR Codes. Fast, contactless transactions have become the norm across different industries. Businesses and customers embraced the simplicity and safety brought by this versatile technology.

Guess what? You, too, can get that business glow up by integrating QR Codes in your gym. In this article, we’ll show you show.

Benefits of QR Code for Gyms

Why do you need to integrate this technology to your business? After all, you can confidently say that your gym has been doing well without using QR Code all these years.

Well, here are some of the great benefits of QR Codes:

Health Protection

Despite eased restrictions, many still choose to observe health protocols like physical distancing. QR Codes provide alternatives to sharing pens, exchanging phones, or handling cash.

Data Security

This generation’s currency is data. It is crucial to keep your members’ personal information private and secure. With QR Code, your members don’t have to sign up using paper and pen. More importantly, other people will not have access to your members’ data.

Save Time

Scanning a QR Code only takes a few seconds to link your members to the target URL. This means no more wasting their time with typing and scrolling.

Cashless Transactions

Nowadays, many prefer to pay with credit or debit cards or bank transfer. This can be a lot faster with QR Codes. Now, you don’t have to handle their physical bank cards and they don’t have to type your account number. Not only would you keep them from making mistakes in typing your account number. You also keep your members’ cards safe from fraudulent activities like card skimming.

If you’re looking for different ways to integrate QR Codes into your gym, you came to the right place.

3 Basic Ways to Incorporate QR Code for Gyms Now

Master the Moves with QR Codes

Have you tried looking for a tutorial on a specific fitness machine on YouTube? If yes, chances are your search came up with hundreds of different videos. Your members can access YouTube demonstrations on how each machine works. Your trainers can also make videos on the proper techniques for different workouts. Give your clients quick and easy access to your videos by putting a printed QR Code on each machine. Your fitness newbies can scan your QR Code to see how to use your equipment the right way.

Download Workout Plans

You can also use QR Code if you have workout plans, meal plans, or simple tutorials in PDF format. This way, your members don’t have to line up to get or take photos of the physical copy. By scanning the QR Code, they can get the PDF in their smartphone.

Listen to Gym Music and Fitness Podcasts

People who workout will most likely have their own jam already. But it still won’t hurt to create a cool, heart-pumping workout playlist. If you have a health and fitness podcast, you can also get your members to follow to that.

How to Make a QR Code for Gyms

Okay, so we already have some ideas on how we can utilize QR Codes for our gym. Now, how do we make one?

Making a QR Code is easy, especially since there are a lot of free QR Code generators out there. If you’re looking for a fully customizable QR Code generator that offers a lot of flexibility, QR Cloud could be what you need.

To make a QR Code for any (or all!) of the above, follow these simple steps:

  1. Create an account with QR Cloud.
  2. On your Dashboard, click Total QR Codes.
  3. Click Create QR.
  4. On the builder page, type in a name for your QR Code in the Name subfield.
  5. You can add a project title if you want, so you can organize your QR Codes. For the purposes of this tutorial, add a project entitled “Equipment Demos”, “Workout Techniques”, “Workout Plans”, “Meal Plans” or “Playlists”.
  6. For QR Type, choose “URL” from the dropdown menu.
  7. Paste the URL on the URL box.
  8. If you want, you can customize the appearance of your QR Code. You may choose a different shape, personalize colors, and add a logo.
  9. Click Create.
  10. Test your QR Code before printing and downloading.

That’s it! Now you can make however many QR Codes you need for your project.

Other Ways to Use QR Code for Gyms

Check In

Investing in a reliable mobile app that facilitates fast check-ins as well as protects the privacy of your registered gym members’ personal data will surely enhance your user’s experience. Depending on the app you’re using, your members can scan your QR Code or have their personal QR Codes scanned by an unmanned scanning device strategically placed at the entrance of your gym.

Connect to Wi-Fi

Now that most of the world is on smartphones, it follows that they would want 24/7 connectivity to the Internet. A valuable added service for your gym is to add Wi-Fi access for your members. Let your members access your Wi-Fi by automatically connecting them using a Wi-Fi QR Code. You can place the QR Code inside the gym to make sure that access is limited to your members.

Sign Up for Classes

Simplify registration to your upcoming hot yoga class using a QR Code linked to an online form. You can include the QR Code on your posters, billboards, or flyers. Say goodbye to deciphering messy handwriting!

Receive Payments

Accept membership or class fees by generating a QR Code that leads to your online payment channel. You will get a notification via email or SMS when a customer sends payment to you.

Collect Emails for Newsletter

For your newsletter, you can have a QR Code that collects email addresses. You can send monthly or bimonthly newsletters with updates on your services as well as educational content that will help your members in their fitness journey.

Solicit Feedback

Businesses live on feedback. It’s a great way for your members to know that their opinions are important to you. But sometimes, writing or ticking boxes on paper and dropping them on the feedback box can be a hassle. Make your customers feel that you value their feedback by linking them directly to your community tab or a Google form. Once they scan your QR Code, they can go ahead and continue answering when they get home.

Help Them Find the Perfect Trainer

Connect your members to the perfect personal trainer! You can make a web page that leads to your roster of highly qualified trainers. Alternatively, you can print a poster showcasing trainers working with your gym and add their vCard QR Code alongside their profile. To make a vCard QR Code, read here.

Remind Them of the Rules

Keep your equipment in shape by reminding your members of gym etiquette with an unimposing text or URL QR Code. If you want a simple reminder, you can use the text QR Code. If you want a detailed one, you can make a URL QR Code that links to a video, a page, or even a downloadabe PDF for gym newbies. Always remember to keep a respectful tone.

Recommend Following Your Blog

Does your gym have an active health and fitness blog? Drive traffic to the awesome articles you and your team have written by putting up a URL QR Code for it. Don’t just post articles that are trying to sell your products and services. It’s more important to post materials that will improve the lives of your readers. Also make sure that your blog is optimized for mobile-viewing for a better user experience.

Suggest Downloading Your App

There are hundreds, if not thousands of fitness, health and gym apps on Play Store. How do you make sure that your members download yours? You guessed it right: by creating a QR Code for your app! This way, they don’t have to scroll through other apps on the platform and exactly find your app. Include the QR Code to your mobile app on your posters, flyers, or billboards to increase visibility and encourage downloads.

Customer Service

Having a QR Code that links directly to your WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger is great for your members or potential customers to quickly send their inquiries.

Bottom Line

There are unlimited ways to integrate QR Code for gyms. You can use them to link your users to tutorials, demos, plans, and so much more!

If you’re looking for a reliable QR Code generator that will help you modernize your gym, check QR Cloud NOW!