QR Codes for College Dorms

Are you a dormitory manager looking for a tool to help you manage your residents? You’ve come to the right place. In this article, let’s discuss the different ways you can use QR Codes for college dorms.

Why QR Codes Will Work in College Dorms

Managing a college dormitory can be pretty challenging. After all, you’re responsible for a whole house and a handful of college students coming from totally different backgrounds. Thankfully, technology allows your job as a dorm manager to be easier.

Aside from a multitude of management apps and programs available at your fingertips, QR Codes are a useful tool to streamline different operations and processes.

Here are some of the ways QR Code can help you manage your college dorm:

Most college students have smartphones

Part of the rise in the popularity of QR Codes comes from the rise in smartphones. In fact, smartphones have become a necessity not just for communications and promotions. They have become a huge requirement in the education sector. Smartphones have become super powerful, that they can now be used to attend classes and even prepare and present learning and teaching materials.

Most college students know how to scan a QR Code

Because QR Codes have become commonplace in the recent years, most of us have encountered one at least once. It’s impossible to go to a restaurant, grocery store, or a shopping mall without seeing one. They’ve probably scanned at least one, too!

Static QR Codes are free

A basic Google search yields a number of free QR Code generators that you can use for simple QR Code needs. This makes it super easy to make one, whether or not you know coding. You can quickly make text, URL, and other types of QR Code, which you can also customize without paying anything.

Of course, if you need more complex QR Codes, it’s best to subscribe to a paid QR Code generator, like QR Cloud.

Accessing the contents of QR Codes takes just a few clicks

In between school work, co- and extra-curricular activities, and social and personal life, most college students don’t have the time to stop by their dorm’s bulletin board to read announcements. Of course, you can email them your announcements – but as someone who had been a college student once, I know these go straight to spam!

The convenience brought about by a QR Code will help your residents get the latest announcements right in their smartphones.

Using QR Codes for College Dorms

Use as an Application Form for Dorm Accomodations

Save a little money from printing forms by accepting applications online. This also enables you to review submissions easier, as you no longer have to manually type in the responses of your applicants on a separate form. (Online form generators can do this for you.) You can minimize office clutter as well.

Create a QR Code that sends applicants to the online application form and include it in your posters, bulletin board, or social media posts.

Use as Doorbell for Guests and Deliveries

Don’t miss guests and deliveries for your residents by using a QR Code as a doorbell. If you have budget, subscribe to a QR Code generator like QR Cloud. You can make a smart page that includes links to your SMS or instant messaging account. You can then post this outside of the dormitory for non-residents to scan. Or, you can also use this to easily sign in visitors.

Upload the Resident’s Handbook

Another way you can use QR Codes for your college dorm is by using it to share the resident’s handbook. If you have a subscription to a paid QR Code generator like QR Cloud, you can easily make dynamic file links. You can use this to upload a PDF, image, and even audio.

What’s awesome about file links is that you can change its contents without having to generate and cascade a new QR Code. When you use a static QR Code using a free QR Code generator, you need to change the QR Code every time you find an error or have a revision. With dynamic QR Codes, you can have one file link for unlimited changes and revisions for many years. 

Receive Payments

Finally, at least in this list, is one that is also the most popular: payments! Get your residents’ payments straight to your account, complete with documentation by enabling QR Code payments. Once they scan your QR Code and send the payment, the bank or payment channel will notify you. This makes it safer and more efficient for both you and your residents.


College dorm managers have multiple benefits and uses for QR Code. They can help in submitting application forms, receiving gifts and packages, uploading important files, and receiving payments.

If you want to know more about QR Cloud’s features for your college dorm management, please feel free to read our previous articles here. You can also sign up for a 7-day free plan for our Pro Plan. We’re sure you’d love it.