QR Codes in AirBNB

AirBNBs provide a balance between the desire of people to travel and staying safe post-pandemic. In this article, let’s explore how to utilize QR Codes in Airbnb, by streamlining the check-in processes, providing property information, soliciting reviews and ratings, forwarding maintenance requests, and offering promotions and discounts.

What are QR Codes?

QR Codes, or quick response codes, are two-dimensional barcodes scanned using a smartphone. Initially developed to streamline the production of automotive parts, they have since become versatile tool for various marketing and operational purposes.

The two main types of QR Codes are static and dynamic. Static QR Codes cannot be edited. Although you can easily make them for free with any free QR Code generator, you would have to create a totally new one if changes in the encoded data must be made. They are good for thinks like registration to a one-time event.

Meanwhile, you can make dynamic QR Codes a paid QR Code generator. This type of QR Code can be edited. What this means is that you can change its contents anytime you want, by simply changing the long-form URL or adding a redirect URL. Dynamic QR Codes are sustainable in the sense that you won’t have to reprint and redistribute QR Codes whenever you make changes.

There are different types of QR Codes you can make. You can make text, URL, Wi-Fi, SMS, Phone Number, social media, YouTube, payment, cryptocurrency wallet, and others. Because of this, they have become popular in marketing and advertising, and more and more brands are including this versatile technology into their campaigns and product packaging.

Why Should You Use QR Codes in Airbnb?


Static QR Codes are free to make, and dynamic QR Codes can be made for a very affordable subscription cost. You can put a large amount of data in various formats, so you can save a lot of printing space.

No Code

You don’t need to know coding when creating QR Codes. With any QR Code generator, you will only need to encode the needed information and the system will create your QR Code for you.

Scannable with a Smartphone

The number one reason QR Codes became popular is because they many modern smartphones can read them just using the built-in camera. This makes accessing its contents easier and more efficient for your guests.

QR Codes for AirBNB

How to Use QR Codes in Airbnb

Pin the Property on Maps

Make it so much easier for your guests to find your property by pinning its coordinates on the maps app. This can be easily done by creating a static location QR Code on most free QR Code generators. Once your guests scan the QR Code, they can see the property on their app, which can then provide them with directions.


A Wi-Fi QR Code enables your guests to seamlessly connect to Wi-Fi without having to manually look for connections and typing passwords. There are two ways to generate a Wi-Fi QR Code, which we have thoroughly discussed in a previous article.

QR Doorbell for Deliveries

Make it faster for your guests to order from local delivery services by creating and posting a QR Bell at the entrance. The delivery person can then scan this QR Code to let your guests know they have arrived and for your guests to provide instructions.

Maintenance Requests

Should they have maintenance requests, make sure they have a hassle-free way to contact you. You can post a QR Code that leads straight to your phone number or instant messaging account. Or, create a QR Page where your guests can choose how to contact you from the given options.

Reviews and Ratings

Customer feedback is the heart and soul of any business. Make your guests feel that you welcome their opinions about your property and you as a host by providing a QR Code that directly leads to your page.

Promotions and discounts

Of course, make your guests feel more special by giving them something to take home: a QR Code they can use for promotions and discounts! It will be a good incentive for your guests to stay at your property again, as they get discounts exclusive for returning customers.

How to Create QR Codes

Creating QR Codes nowadays is super easy. All you need is a device, Internet connection and a QR Code generator that perfectly fits your needs.

On QR Cloud, here’s how you can start making static QR Codes that you can use in your Airbnb:

  1. On the QR Code generator, encode the name of your QR Code.
  2. Choose the type of QR Code you want to make from the QR Type dropdown list.
  3. Encode the necessary details.
  4. Customize the appearance of your QR Code, if desired.
  5. Perform a test scan to make sure that your QR Code works.
  6. Save and download your static QR Code.

Take note that static QR Codes are non-editable and permanent. This means that if there are errors or you need to make changes, you must generate a totally new QR Code.

If you want to generate a reusable and editable dynamic QR Code, you can sign up to QR Cloud to start your free 7-day trial.


QR Codes have many benefits for Airbnb hosts and guests alike. They are cost-effective, easy-to-make, and scannable with a smartphone. You can make different kinds of QR Code for your Airbnb, which will make your guests’ experience the best stay.